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ZYON decries the action of Chief Engineer’s PWD (R&B) action

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Alleges Naagaami Infratech Pvt. Ltd. working on project pending in the court

DIMAPUR, MARCH 1: The Zeme Youth Organization Nagaland (ZYON) today said that Nsong Area Public Organization (NAPO) and Chairman Union Tening Block (CUTB) is either completely ignorant or feigning ignorance to please few individuals by favouring the Naagaami Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
The ZYON was reacting to a statement issued by NAPO and CUTB on February 28 last and said it is appalled by the sheer ignorance displayed in the press statement.
In a statement issued today, ZYON president, R John Zeliang and general secretary, Keyilia Gongbe stated that the press statement issued by the Nsong Kebai Public Organisation (NKPO) and the Zeliang Students Union (ZLSU) has grasped the crux of the matter and plainly explained the current position of the project which any laymen should be able to comprehend without much difficulty. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for the NAPO to demand apology when these two organisations have only spelled out the truth in the public domain for general public consumption and benefit.
“Unfortunately, the two organisations viz. NAPO and CUTB is either completely ignorant or feigning ignorance to please few individuals by favouring the Naagaami Infratech Pvt. Ltd”, it stated.
Stating that the road connectivity in the Nsong-Kebai Area is at a deplorable condition, the ZYON said it would gladly welcome and appreciate any firm or contractor who has genuine concern for the area people and repair the road as a social cause.
“However in this case, the Naagaami Infratech Pvt. Ltd. on the pretext of helping the people and carrying out social activity by repairing the road is actually working on the Tening-Lekei Road project when the matter is pending in the court”, it stated.
“NAPO President and CUTB President must understand that their favouritism towards one party in this matter would open up a Pandora’s Box which would further invite litigation in the court and thus delay the project from being executed and completed”, the ZYON stated.
It further questioned the NAPO and CUTB as to how they could authorise the Naagaami Infratech to carry on with the work and if they are above the law of the land and the High Court.
To reiterate and supplement some of the points raised by the Zeliang Students’ Union, the ZYON said the root cause of this fall-out between the contractors can be attributed to the refusal of the Chief Engineer’s Office to issue the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to the lowest bidder (L1) during the first tendering process thus victimising the bidder. And upon receiving complaint that there was construction activity since February 15 on the Tening-Lekie worksite, the Executive Engineer, Peren Division, submitted Site inspection report on February 18 to the Chief Engineer’s Office and for further directives.
“The CE’s office continuing with their ill tactics in reply to the Executive Engineer, dated the 21st February 2022, had directed that since LOA was issued to M/S Naagaami Infratech Pvt. Ltd. ‘Work should be taken up and completed at an early date’ which otherwise is supporting illegal construction. What we fail to understand here is if a contractor can be permitted to take up a project based only on LOA. And this is done with complete knowledge of the pending court case”, the ZYON said and decried the action of Chief Engineer PWD (R&B) in allowing the Naagaami Infratech to go ahead with the work when the matter is pending in court which has created more confusion.
Such public office should maintain its dignity by being just and unbiased on such matters, it added.
The ZYON also alleged that the manner in which things have panned out so far, it can only assume that the Department is in a hurry to withdraw the 1st Instalment amounting to 54 crores, which has been received from NEC and also “come to the conclusion that all this has been done with completely understanding and arrangement between the CE’s office and the contractor.”
The ZYON stated, “We would not be cowed down and permit for illegally carrying out the works as long as the pendency of the litigation is not cleared by the court. And should there be any contempt of court cases against Naagaami Infratech by other contending parties resulting in delay of the project, the ZYON shall solely hold the Proprietor of the Naagaami Infratech responsible.”
It further appealed to the people of the area, especially the leaders, to cease from taking sides for favour and personal gain at the cost of the general public and worsening the matter.
“We should all remain neutral and let the court give its judgement and in the meantime discourage any contending parties from breaking the rules and norms of the Government and the order of the Hon’ble Court”, it said.
The ZYON further urged the two contractors to compromise and amicably settle outside the court and thus forgo the lengthy judicial process for the benefit of the general public, as was decided during the meeting convened by the NKPO on February 2 last.
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