Monday, July 15, 2024

Zuchobeni Tungoe accorded welcome at Dimapur Airport

Zuchobeni Tungoe
Zuchobeni Tungoe pose with family members, representatives from different organisations and well wishers at Dimapur airport on September 3 ( DPRO Dimapur)

Zuchobeni Tungoe, who emerged as one of the top 7 finalists and secured two prestigious titles, ‘Miss LIVA Popular Choice’ and ‘Times Miss Talented,’ during the recently concluded Miss Diva Universe 2023 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, received a warm welcome at Dimapur airport on September 3.
Her family members, along with representatives from Dimapur Wozhuro Range Eloe Randan Fellowship, Phiro Eloe Khumshun Dimapur, Dimapur Sankiton Dekhungi, President Ethnic group of Dimapur and well-wishers, gathered to celebrate her achievements on Sunday and accorded a rousing welcome to her.
During her interaction with the media, she expressed that her journey was truly remarkable, filled with invaluable learning experiences she never anticipated and went on to say that the entire experience was enlightening and overwhelming experience over all.
Tungoe further mentioned that she is always inclined towards making music and modeling, noting that the field of modeling has evolved significantly while attributing its growth to the influence of social media as well and looking at all this aspect there is lot of career opportunities in the field of modeling.
She encouraged anyone who believes in their capability and possesses the necessary features and talent to pursue their dreams and mentioned that the people from the Northeast were blessed with naturally beautiful features.
In her message to the people, her advice was to follow their heart, listen to their inner calling and courageously follow their paths in life
Her fiance Sanam Puri and his mother also accompanied Zuchobeni Tungoe to Nagaland.
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