Saturday, June 19, 2021

ZGKD clarifies on April 4 incident

Dimapur, April 8: The Zhekiye Village Union Dimapur (ZGKD) has rebutted the claim of Assam police that one Naga youth was shot death during exchange of firing on April 4 last, and accused the Assam Police of killing the Naga youth, a bonafide member of Zhekiye village.
In a rejoinder to new reports, the ZGKD said the youth, Viloto Zhimo along with his friends had gone to the Assam-Nagaland border area on April 4 to fetch a “jungle leafy greens due to shortage of vegetables” as a result of the COVID-19 national lockdown.
“While on the way back home by foot at around 7:30 pm the Assam police ambushed them in two directions without any warning signal to them and indiscriminately opened fire at them from behind and consequently Mr. Viloto Zhimo was shot and killed on the spot while his friends were luckily escaped from the unlawful policemen,” it claimed.
“So, the question is, instead of detaining and questioning the veracity of the situation, the Assam police unfortunately took the law into their own hand and killed the innocent civilian was absolutely wrong in the eye of the law,” it alleged.
The union alleged that the Assam police placed “the ghost weapon beside the victim’s dead body and click the photos and upload on social media” which went viral. “Therefore, the question of exchange of fire with Assam police does not arise (as per the statement given by SDPO Khatkhati) as a result he was killed was totally baseless and highly fabricated statement to save their own skin which is questionable because the victim has in no way in a possession of arms/weapon but he (victim) carries a bag of leafy greens, torch light and his personal mobile phone only at the time of the incident,” it claimed.
The union said the victim was an innocent civilian, educated unemployed youth who has completed M.Com from Guwahati University. “He was neither underground nor he belong to any armed group/gangster as false accusation given by Assam police.”
Stating that every citizen has a right to move freely throughout the territory of India as provided in the fundamental right of the Indian constitution, the union said as inter-state boundary, “the Naga people and the Assamese should respect one another as it is common for a people in border areas to cross the border since time immemorial and therefore should not discriminate one another.”
Condemning the incident, the ZGKD requested the competent authority to address this issue in order to avoid future unlawful incidents. (Page News Service)