Zeliang’s office rubbishes reports on ‘terror funding’ link

Zeliang’s office rubbishes reports  on ‘terror funding’ link

Dimapur, March 21: The Office of the Leader of Opposition in Nagaland Legislative Assembly has rubbish news reports linking leader of opposition and former chief minister TR Zeliang to ‘terror funding’, terming its as “hearsay.”
In a clarification, the Information & Publicity Wing of the Leader of Opposition said media reports claiming to have confirmation of documentary evidence indicating the involvement of TR Zeliang in what has been termed as ‘terror funding’ is nothing but “pure exaggeration and dim-witted imagination at its heights.”
“News reports appearing in Assam and Nagaland media, or anywhere else for that matter, linking Zeliang to ‘terror funding’ are neither confirmed by NIA nor by Zeliang or his Office but were mere copy-paste from reports published on hearsay,” it said adding Zeliang had personally written for deferment of the date for his cross examination  because of the assembly session which ends only on March 26 and there was no written reply to NIA through any advocate at any point of time.
The I&PW however did not rule out “some political virus with self vested interest” of trying to flare up the issue. “NIA will never provide such false information to any Media house or reporters and the recent fake reports in the Media is nothing but a re-make of allegations raised against Zeliang in 2015 when he was alleged of laundering 78 crores in Singapore and Hongkong banks. The general public had every right to believe such false news till it was confirmed from the concern Banks,” it said.
(Page News Service)