Zeliang tell students to refrain from conspiracy game-plans

Zeliang tell students to refrain from conspiracy game-plans

Kohima, May 10: Former Chief Minister, T R Zeliang today asked students to refrain from conspiracy game-plans which are politically stage-managed.
Addressing the 28th general conference of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) at Bhandari Town in Wokha district, Zeliang said there is high possibility of dragging the student community into turmoil situation which are politically stage-managed. “As such, being the apex student body, the Naga Students’ Federation should cross-check a given situation so as to refrain the student community from getting involved in any kind of conspiracy game-plans,” he said.
Zeliang also underscored the need to streamline the areas where students’ participation are necessary and where it should be avoided. In order to do this, he said, a clear direction should be circulated from NSF office stating that students’ participations in any kind of agitation will be allowed only with the consent of NSF office. In the event of failure to comply to such directions, action should be initiated against concern school/college principals for putting the future of innocent students at stake.
“When we look at the background, the Naga Students’ Federation is not just a mere student body but a conglomeration of young and upcoming leaders. As apex organisation of the student community, the Naga Students’ Federation should make it a tradition to focus on the core issue of any given problem while abstaining from politicising the matter at any cost. For instance, like with the Naga Political Issue or CAB, any other common problem should not be politicised with vested interests,” Zeliang said.
On Naga political issue, the former Chief Minister said after signing of the ceasefire agreement during 1997, several rounds of peace talks have been held. Despite all these talks since the last 21 years, the undue delay in arriving at a final settlement is disheartening. “Even after signing of the Framework Agreement between GoI and NSCN/GPRN which is now joined by 7 NNPGs, the issue has not come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, the role of the Naga Students Federation in keeping our people emotionally and socially integrated deserves appreciation. I strongly believe that the Naga Students Federation will not shy away from the Naga political issue because this alone will decide our destination,” he said.
He said Naga people have travelled a long journey of freedom movement and struggled for more than 70 years. “Why I am sharing the Naga political issue with young people like you is because you all can shape the future of our people”.
On Citizenship Amendment Bill, he said CAB is an important issue for the Naga people in particular and the indigenous people of North-East India in general, and urged the NSF to take the lead in raising such issue and continue to fight till the last.
On system of elections in the state Zeliang said at a time when electioneering process is underway media alone should not be given the sole power to create awareness on voting with consciousness and called for participation from all sections of people.
“My dear friends, if we are really concerned in doing away with corrupt system in the state, the first step is for every student and Church member to vote instead of allowing someone to purchase your votes for proxy-voting. This is the root cause of corruption in the name of democracy. I can visualise a change in politics when students and Church leaders start going to polling stations to exercise their franchise. Society will witness positive changes if we take decisions with such positive mindset. One should be honest and practise what one preaches because that alone can bring changes in our society,” the former CM said.
Stressing on skill development, Zeliang asserted the need to create awareness on the importance of skill development with technology to increase the work force in the State. This, he said, is because all qualified students with merit cannot be accommodated in Government jobs alone.
“One should learn and develop skills while in school/colleges and be mentally prepared to work under any corporate or in any field of work,” he insisted.
“We talk a lot about improving the ILP regulations to safeguard the rights of our indigenous people from illegal immigrants infiltrating the State. However, this mission cannot be successful unless our Youths are trained in Skill development. We ourselves welcome workers from outside for construction of houses, roads, for electrification and plumbing works etc. and even up to the extent of working in our fields,” Zeliang asserted.
The former chief minister was chief guest during cultural programme. He said it is also Nagas’ culture and tradition that defines their identity and hence the upcoming generation must protect, safeguard and promote their culture and traditions. “This kind of gathering itself manifest that our history is unique and this very fact cannot be denied by any one” he added.
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