Zeliang inaugurates 6 Village Council Halls


Dimapur, February 17: Leader of Opposition, T R Zeliang, accompanied by Er Picto Shohe, today inaugurated 6 Village Council Halls, 1 Punglwa Mipui Ki and 1 Northern Zeme GBs Union and DBs EAC Ngwalwa joint Kitchen in Northern Zeme area under Peren District which were constructed under RURBAN mission 2017-2018. The villages are Punglwa-B Village, Gaili Village, Gaili Namdi village, Heningkunglwa Village, Ngwalwa Village and Nothern Zeme Council Hall, Ngwalwa Town.
Exhorting the gathering, Leader of Opposition, said that the National RURBAN Mission was a successful one under Ngwalwa Cluster, which consisted of Heningkunglwa village, Ngwalwa Village, Ngwalwa Hq, Gaili and Punglwa. He urged the gathering to work sincerely and for an all round development cutting across political affiliations.
He said that people should compete in bringing development and not compete in vilifying each other on social and print media. Whichever political party is in power, their sole aim should be for the development of the area and a healthy competition should be held as to which party can bring more development to their area, he said.
He recalled that when he and his party was running the government, he did not ask of the implementing agency or department officials of various schemes and projects to differentiate between his political party workers and the rest. Instead, he asked that development be brought about for the whole area and the people regardless of their political allegiance.
He called for a united stand for development of the area given the suitable geography of the land for various cultivation and plantations.
He also expressed optimism given the successful implementation of RURBAN, that many would be inspired and many more schemes and projects would be in the offing should the people of the area continue to support and cooperate with the implementing agencies.
Short speeches were also delivered by all the 6 Village council Chairmans who expressed gratitude to T R Zeliang for bringing such scheme to the area. Despite rigorous lobbying by others to take the Mission away from Peren District, the Chairmen expressed that it was only because of the love for the people, that TR Zeliang managed to succeed in letting the first of a kind mission in the country to be implemented in Ngwalwa Circle.
Short speeches were delivered by Er Picto Shohe MLA, Kelie Zeliang Commissioner & Secretary, GoN, . Azenou, PD DRDA Peren and Iteising BDO Peren. (Page News Service)