Zeliang blames Govt for crisis in 4-lane road project; Demands safety & security of workers

Zeliang blames Govt for crisis in 4-lane road project; Demands safety & security of workers

Dimapur, August 28: Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang has accused the Government of Nagaland of not doing enough to check lawlessness in the State resulting in the stoppage of ongoing Dimapur-Kohima 4-lane road construction.
“…harassment of workers and theft of machineries belonging to contractors by anti-social elements have brought the construction works to a halt. For every action, there is a reason: the present situation displays the stark reality of lawlessness and mayhem in the State,” Zeliang said in a statement.
Stating that when land-owners and civil societies are supportive for the successful implementation of such important projects, Zeliang asked what is the problem and difficulty on the part of the Government machineries to initiate obligatory action in ensuring safety of workers and machineries.
“The State Government instead of remaining a mute spectator must immediately carry out investigations and book the culprits while initiating appropriate action against such elements. The State authority should perform its bounden duty by instilling sense of security in its citizens and should not pay attention only on responsibilities where commissions and kick-backs exist,” he stated.
Zeliang also maintained that halting of construction of the 4-lane along NH 29 from Chathe Bridge (Patkai College junction) to Piphema is not due to anti-social activities alone. “Negligence of the State Government in creating a conducive atmosphere and failure in coming up with concrete measures to curb such menace has contributed to the present day situation. What otherwise, explains the failure of recovering vehicles despite filing of FIRs? Doesn’t it portray the ineffectiveness of Government machineries?”
“We talk a lot about good roads but if Government of the day fails to protect workers of such major projects on an open National Highway, how can we expect to have sustainable roads in other parts of the State? Not only is it the bounden duty of the State Government to check on the contractors for quality of work and timely completion of the project as per contractual agreement but providing safety and security as and when required, is equally important,” he said.
The LoO urged the State Government to immediately initiate appropriate measures and ensure that the 4-laning works along NH-29 is completed on time without any further hindrance.
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