Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Zeliang apologizes for ‘sexist’ statement

T R Zeliang new

Dimapur, March 1: Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang has apologized and retracted his ‘sexist’ statement made in the assembly during the debate on Citizenship Amendment Bill on February 25.
In a clarification, Zeliang said his statement “some men can please two girls, but no man can serve two masters’ was never intended to hurt the sentiments of any section of the society, particularly the women community.
“The phrase was uttered in good vein because humorous description of events or topics under discussion is a normal practice which is know to all Members of the Legislative Assembly,” he said.
“However, if it has hurt the feelings of any section of the society, I apologize and retract my statement,” he said.
(Page News Service)