Zbto villages resolves


Dimapur, April 25: The joint council of villages, namely Baimho, Thokihi, Shotomi, Kawoto, Sheyipu, Khukishe, Sukhalu and Yemishe villages under Zunheboto district held its general meeting on April 21 resolved that no fishing in any form (angling, netting, battery, chemicals, generator, bomb and any other traditional methods) shall be allowed within the jurisdiction of the said villages for a period of three years starting from May 1.
The meeting also resolved that cattle entering into the jurisdiction of the said villages stretching from Baimho to Khukishe village during terrace cultivation from April 15 to November 30 shall be shot death without any warning. The order shall be applied to all outsiders and also to anyone from within the said villages. Offenders shall invite severest penalty as deem fit by the joint council, the meeting resolved. (Page News Service)