Friday, March 5, 2021

ZBC Women Dept organizes seminar

Dimapur, April 29: ‘Beauty should be inward,’ said Imtijungla Longchar at the one day seminar for the Zeme Baptist Church Women Department Kohima.
Speaking on the topic’ Being a God’s woman’ she said that a godly women’s life is filled with peace, courage and confidence and that a woman who keeps close relationship with God can face the daily challenges without fear and doubts.
Citing on the verse in Mathew 5: 5 ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth’, she said that every Christian should portray humbleness in our daily lives.
She went on to say that a humble heart can win and mold over their husband and children.
Also stressing on the need for prayer in all our lives, she said that a godly women should take time out to pray and also emphasized the need of personal intersession with God.
Imtijungla said that courage, pure heart, love, spiritual tears are very essentials quality that all believers must acquire and that is possible only through building close relationship with God.
She also spoke on topics ‘Guiding children cope with modern age’ and ‘your relationship with husband and children’.
Imtijungla Longchar and S Wati Aier was the resource person for the seminar both are well know teacher, preacher and resource person for crusades and seminar. Around 80 Zeme Baptist church women participated in the one day seminar. (Page News Service)