Sunday, June 20, 2021

ZB on UNC assembly

Dimapur, NOVEMBER 1: The Zeliangrong Baudi has expressed surprise that Gaidon Kamei who was called back by the Zeliangrong Baudi is still mentioned as the president of the council and deliver presidential speech at the United Naga Council, Manipur assembly programme scheduled on November 10 at Komlathabi (Kapam) Chandel District, Manipur.
In a release, the ZB said it had called back Gaidon Kamei with effect from October 24, 2018. It said in accordance to precedence and practices followed by political parties, organizations or rule of law of government, any person who has been called back by their parent body or government whoever was nominated/recommended shall automatically cease to function in the respective post or position hold by the person.
The ZB said the United Naga Council, Manipur should not allow a person who has been called back by their respective tribe hoho to chair any assembly. ‘Any action in whichever manner favoring a particular person without adhering to the rule of precedence shall amounts to reduce the United Naga Council, Manipur into a complete mockery,” it said.
It said the UNC Manipur which is the apex body of the Naga people has its own written constitution and it should uphold and adhere to conventional practices as well as provisions of the constitution of the UNC Manipur in the larger interest of the Naga people.
“The sanctity of the United Naga Council, Manipur and its Constitution should be upheld and honored at all cost by every responsible Naga tribe Hohos,” it added. (Page News Service)