Saturday, May 8, 2021
North East

Youths not getting posting in Meghalaya bank: Rudy

New Delhi, August 1: A BJP member in the Lok Sabha today raised the issue of about 40 youths not getting posting in the Meghalaya Rural Bank despite being appointed a year ago.
Rajiv Pratap Rudy raised the issue during the Zero Hour saying it was a constitutional issue if one state does not want the natives of other states to work there.
He said these youths belonged to various states such as Assam, Gujarat, Kerala and Jharkhand, who had received their appointment letters a year ago after passing the relevant examination.
“It is a matter related to the Constitution. How can they not be allowed to work,” he asked.
The government must take steps to ensure that these unemployed youths are given their jobs, the MP from Bihar said.
In India, people from different states work in other states under the all-India services and no state can stop this, he said. (PTI)