Saturday, September 18, 2021

Youth in Phek district celebrates the Int’l Youth Day at Chizami

Dimapur, August 12: Over 100 youth members from 5 communities in Chizami and Razeba Range of Phek district converged at the International Youth Day event in Chizami today to celebrate the potential and energy of youth, and to engage in meaningful conversation on social issues through music and performance.
Organised by the North East Network (NEN) Nagaland on the theme ‘Transforming Education- Relearning Human Values’, the event was organised to bring together the youth from various communities to foster peace culture, create space for youth to express themselves freely, to build awareness on local – global issues, and to encourage the youth to participate in community development and peace building initiatives.
At the event, Guest Speaker, Anuo Longo, CDPO Chizami called on the youth to play more pro-active role in taking up positive initiatives that will not only benefit the individual the Society at large.
Noting that Government jobs are saturated, she encouraged the youth to look at alternative employment avenues such as masonry, carpentry, eco-tourism, etc.
She stressed on the need to develop one’s potentials and life skills and must seize every opportunity that opens up. Citing her own example, she challenged women and girls to take up skills that breaks gender stereotypes.
NEN member, Wekowe-u Tsuhah in her keynote address shared the history of the International Youth Day, and exposed the theme ‘Transforming Education – Relearning Human Values’.
Bringing attention to the local concerns such as environmental degradation, climate change, gender discrimination and violence against women, which are also recognised as global issues, she asserted that only through relearning human values such as dignity, love, empathy, respect for humanity and nature, etc will solve these concerns.
Citing examples of youth-led movements for peace, climate justice, gender equality, she challenged the participating youth to take the lead in bringing positive change in their communities, and to participate in building a more inclusive and gender equal world.
Wetshete Thopi, Assistant Professor at Patkai College in his short message reiterated the need to acquire meaningful education, that is, to learn and imbibe human values such as honesty and integrity which is lacking in Naga Society today.
He also challenged the youth to give up age old practices that are not relevant today and be a part of creating a new society that is gender equal.
Highlight of the event include film screening and distribution of pamphlet on gender equality, and display of artistic and creative skills through the talent competition. The youths competed in three different categories – Solo (western music), Quartet (Indigenous music) and Role Play based on the theme ‘gender equality’.
(Page News Service)