Saturday, July 24, 2021

Youth are the hope of tomorrow: Er. Zale

hope of tomorrow

Kohima, January 4: Youth resources and sports advisor Er. Zale Neikha today said that youth are the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow “as they are the face of our community, society and country at large.”
“The fate of a nation depends on the youth today. Grooming and shaping the youth with innovative and competitive spirit will lead the society to greater heights,” Er. Zale said while addressing the 54th youth day of Rachii Youth Organization (RYO) at Viswema village under Kohima district.
He said the leaders of any organization may it be panchayat, youth, students, women, etc. should try to build and uplift one another from grass root level to the higher level.
“We should not only concentrate on our own khel or village only but look beyond to the state and national level,” he said.
Touching on dignity of labour, he said “There are many highly qualified youths in our society helped by their parents with an intention that one day their children will become a person and make them proud. Those youths should not only wait for government job but utilised their knowledge that they had gained to be productive and not an issue to their parents.”
There are many ways where we can earn ourselves to sustain for our livelihood, he said.
He said looking at our land, God has made it so beautiful, potential and so, generous to that whatever we cultivate there is nothing that cannot grow.
“Youths can take up cultivation as their profession as we have lots of wastelands that can be cultivated with any seasonal vegetables throughout the year. We can build a proper marketing shade so that the customers in and around the town can come and purchased in bulk.”
Innovate yourself to marketing and business (small scale industries) like some of youths are highly flourishing we should be encouraged by those examples, he said.
He lamented that youths of today are lacking behind respecting elders.
“We should always try to have passion and listen to them. Preserve our culture at any point of time and grabs the things eagerly they wanted to tell us,” he said.
Asking the people to respect and take care of public properties, he said “public properties are to do with the locality public properties, Government properties or other properties that are not related with individual, should be respected and protected for our future generation.”
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