Monday, May 29, 2023
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Young people must be encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship: Assam Governor

Guwahati, December 18: Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi on Saturday said young people should be trained and encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship so that they can create employment opportunities.
He also said given the large pool of young population in the country, India stands to benefit immensely by properly tapping its potential.
The governor was speaking after inaugurating the Assam Chapter of Youth4Nation’ here, a press release issued by the Raj Bhavan said.
Youth4Nation’ is a nationwide initiative to connect with students in colleges and universities to inculcate a nationalistic thought process in them.
Prof. Mukhi said such a programme would greatly help India where 21% of its people are aged between 15 and 21 years.
Pointing out that about 10 to 12 million young people in the country become eligible to join the workforce every year, he said it is important to train and encourage them to undertake entrepreneurship to create employment for themselves and others.
The governor also underlined the importance of motivating young generation by a patriotic spirit so that the nation can reap the benefits of the large and diverse demographic profile of the country.
Considering the large pool of young people in India, Prof. Mukhi emphasised the need for productively using youth power to propel the growth of the nation.
He said, India is passing through exhilarating times. When we travel around, we really become passionate and enthusiastic to see the beaming confidence of our potential youth forces.
For the first time in the last 300 years, we have received the respect of almost all the major countries.”
He asked the young people to carry forward this momentum and help India become a developed economy.
Prof. Mukhi hailed the Youth4Nation’ for its initiative of starting a chapter in Assam which would essentially indulge in promotional activities starting with the Do You Know That? series of online posters highlighting the rich culture and heritage of the country.(PTI)