Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Yongshei and Yachem hold peace meet

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MARCH 16: In a historic development, Yongshei and Yachem village ended their old traditional conflict by holding a joint peace meet at Yongshei village on March 11, according to a DIPR report.

The peace meet was aimed at establishing cordial relationship and fostering the spirit of oneness between the two villages.
Addressing the meeting, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, S Pangnyu Phom stated that peace can be achieved only when all come together, work together and stay humble. He asserted that if this peace meet is not taken seriously and wholeheartedly, it will go in vain.
The minister encouraged the people to work hard with sincerity and uphold the meet in the right direction for the welfare of the people. He also thanked the village councils and the people involved for taking such a bold step with Christian spirit.
DC Longleng, M Shayung Phom encouraged the people of both the villages to stay united and bear the spirit of oneness at all times whereever they are.
Executive Secretary of Phom Baptist Christian Association (PBCA), Tialemba Phom said that peace can be achieved only when we forgive and forget each other and appealed to both the villagers to uphold the peace meet with true spirit of Christianity.
Deputy Director (Horti), C Phupom Phom encouraged the people to continue to work for peace tirelessly.

A special prayer of peace for both the village was conducted by C Hamba Nemdakly, senior pastor Phom Baptist Attoi, Dimapur. As a sign of unity for peace, Bibles were exchanged between the two villages. (Page News Service)