Tuesday, August 3, 2021

YMCA NE annual regional assembly concludes

Dimapur, November 21: The three-day YMCA North East India Region annual regional youth & women assembly under the National Council of YMCAs of India which was held at Livingstone Foundation International, Dimapur from November 15 concluded on November 17. The programme was hosted by Dimapur YMCA and YMCA North East India Region under the theme ‘North East India – Challenges & Opportunities.’
The programme was attended by delegates from various YMCAs of the North Eastern Region including Aizawl from Mizoram and Shillong & Nongtalang from Meghalaya along with a host of delegates from Dimapur YMCA.
On November 16, a special session was conducted by Rev. Udayaraj Paudel, Director, North East India of International Mind Educational Institute (IMEI) which was followed by the youth assembly session. The same day witnessed a friendly basketball match between the YMCA delegates and the students of Livingstone Foundation International. The match went in favour of the students of LFI.
A session entitled ‘Youth Empowerment’ was also conducted by Allan Benjamin, Secretary, World Vision based in Chennai.
The programme concluded on November 17 with the business session of the regional executive committee of the YMCANEIR. The members of the YMCANEIR women and youth forum were also elected during the annual women & youth assembly.
(Page News Service)