Tuesday, September 21, 2021

YMCA Dimapur celebrates World YWCA Day

World YWCA Day

Dimapur, April 25: As the leaders and members of the YWCA from across the globe celebrated World YWCA Day, the YWCA of Dimapur also took their chance and did not leave any stone unturned as they celebrated this day with students who are differently abled on April 24.
The president of the YWCA of Dimapur, along with Watila Belho, Treasurer of YWCA Dimapur and five other members of YWCA of Dimapur took the initiative of visiting the “Special Class for Special Students” of Christian Higher Secondary School, Dimapur and had a fellowship with them in commemoration of the World YWCA Day.
The event was sponsored by Watila Belho (NNC Member) and it was also decided that the association would undertake the project of visiting and celebrating this day with the students for the next three years.
(Page News Service)