Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Y. Kikheto Sema appeals

The world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and such kind of pandemic drains the resources of any Governments. Nagaland is no different and despite the Government’s efforts in using all resources at its disposal to fight the pandemic, there are rooms for institutions particularly the Church from whom much help can be derived from.
Merely depending on the Government alone to tackle the entire crisis is not justifiable but we should all own collective responsibilities in such a situation. The ones affected by the virus are our own parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and most importantly “our Church member.” In such a situation, the Church, with all its resources should now open up its infrastructure and manpower to aid and assist the Government.
If the Church is there for good times such as Weddings, celebrations of new births, celebrations of Anniversaries, disposing normal deaths etc, should it not be there for its people during such bad times?
Being an active and bonafide member of the Church and having a close association with the Church, I am of the belief that the Church could do more commendable job. The Church needs to work out contingency plans such as voluntary services from its members to assist the health care workers, opening up its guest/rest houses, church buildings etc. for COVID care centres as an when required.
We are seeing how religious groups from Gurudwaras, Temples and Churches in India are extending health care facilities such as providing oxygen and aiding in disposal of dead bodies that have died of COVID related complications. In Nagaland the Church is an epitome of our lives and it should not shy away from our responsibilities.
It should also usher a change in the syllabus of being less of theoretical and more of practical from now on as we never know when this pandemic will be over.
“No one is safe until everyone is safe” and therefore the need of the hour is a collective effort irrespective of our background, religion, political affiliations, tribe etc to keep the virus at bay.
Let us discipline ourselves and fight this pandemic together.
Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS