Wednesday, September 22, 2021

XVC resolves to protect wildlife

Dimapur, June 16: In order to preserve and protect wildlife within the jurisdiction of Xukhepu village, all activities related to fishing or hunting in any form has been completely banned for three years or till the resolution is amended by the Village Council of Xukhepu Village.
Cutting of trees, picking of any edible leaves/ fruits within the jurisdiction by non- inhabitants of Xukhepu Village has also been strictly prohibited with effect from the date of the resolution (March 26). Defaulters shall be penalized Rs 5000; his/her weapon shall be ceased and kept under the custody of the village council or any place considered safe for the weapon. If the owner of the weapon wishes to take it back, he should pay an extra Rs 5000 to the Xukhepu Village Council.
The council also resolved that any individual/group that finds any defaulters and brings him to the custody of the Xukhepu Village Council shall be rewarded handsomely as per the category, and as per the case.
The council also authorized all citizens of Xukhepu Village to seize any weapons/ articles found in possession of defaulters and report it to the Xukhepu Village Council. Incase if any individual or group retaliates/ insults the authorized order, the Xukhepu village council shall take stringent action against the defaulters. The Council also strongly resolved to cooperate and support any neighboring villages who have made resolutions for protecting and preserving the wildlife and biodiversity.
(Page News Service)