Saturday, May 8, 2021

XI Brother Wokha village wins Lotha Students’ Union Martyr’s Trophy

Martyrs Trophy
K.Remphamo Lotha principal IETC Medziphema cum Director SAMETI with LSU officials during the final match of the 20th edition of LSU martyrs’ trophy played between XI Brother Wokha Village (Sky Blue) Vs Airfield Colony FC (White) on Thursday 22 April at Local ground Wokha.

Wokha, April 22: XI Brother Wokha Village claimed the 20th edition of Lotha Students’ Union Martyr’s Trophy played against Airfield Colony FC today here at Local Ground Wokha.

Resulting in a goalless match played in the full time, the match officials called for a tie-breaker where XI Brother Wokha Village won the match 5-4 against Airfield Colony FC in the goal kick.
The winner pocketed a cash amount of Rs 60,000 with running trophy and certificate while the second runner-up claimed a cash prize amount of Rs 40,000 with a running trophy and certificate.
K Remphamo Lotha, Principal IETC Medziphema cum Director SAMETI gracing the culmination programme as the special guest spoke on health and mental wellness reminded that fitness is an important tool to outshine in every field.
He said education must not be neglected as taking into consideration in a students’ union function. He reminded that students must dedicate themselves to their duty and responsibility as good opportunity will come later for their efforts and sacrifices.
Meanwhile, he told the community not to compromise in any development which he said that road, schools education, medical, water and electricity and even religious institute.
He told the gathering the need for reformation in the education and religion sector, questioning that “where is the testimony in our workplace” be it in education and religion? Expressing that one needs to practice what they preach.
He said that Lothas being blessed with richness in biodiversity have many mineral resources, where he called to utilized those blessed resources that could help the society to grow viable for an economically sustainable and employment generation. He also reminded the people of the younger and present generation to be skilful and be self-reliance for knowing that there is a slim chance for government employment to every.
He lamented that Lothas have been neglected due to one’s ignorance or due to having difference among one another, where he called to grow together by supporting one another and eradicate social illness.

Earlier, an exhibition match was played between LSU officials and Deputy Commissioner (DC) XI where LSU won the match by 2-0.
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