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WSYF serves notice to Govt.

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 21: The Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) has served an ultimatum to Nagaland Government, giving it three weeks’ time to “evict the self-styled proclaimed villagers of Lamhai Namdhi from the village land of Kiyevi”.
In a representation addressed to the Chief Secretary, the youth group stated that in the event of failure on the Government’s part, it would be left with no choice but to resort to “our own traditional means and ways of protecting our land”.
“Needless to say, the consequences and the responsibility, thereafter, will remain, squarely, on the State Government”, it stated.
According to WSYF, it pained them to see that Lamhai Namdhi “does not at all recognise the reality of how it all came about, but is only ‘hell-bent’ on its ‘might is right’ theory of occupation”.
“The WSYF has already made known to the GoN, many times, through the print media, as to the reality of the problem, and have also submitted representation to the honourable Chief Minister of Nagaland with detailed report of the issue through the DC of Dimapur on 1st April, 2021. The GoN, however, failed to even exercise its then standing order No. CNG- 1/45/Com/KHEHOI/2018, dated 25th June, 2019, whereby, the order was for both sides to maintain status-quo, and when it failed to act in the implementation of its own order, by allowing, self-styled Lamhai Namdhi, to, override the order, and start construction of structures.
“A structure or structures do not make a village. This construction of structures is not a problem. It can be handled in due time. The WSYF is only concerned about the inefficiency, if not partiality, of the Government and its agency, in the implementation of the Government order”, it read.
The WSYF stated that the alleged failure of the Government was exposed again when the order of the Home Commissioner of July 8, 2019, restricted both sides to even not loiter in and around the “made believe” disputed area, and further ordered to evict people present in said area.
“Posting Armed Police (IR) personnel to oversee the implementation of the order was simply thrown to the wind. Because, under the very eye of the IR police force, illegal construction was allowed to proceed, and adding insult to injury, paddy fields and plantations of not only Kiyevi’s, but also of Hetoi, Khehoi and Vihuto villages were cut down and destroyed. Many times, these destructions were carried out by people dressed in camouflage fatigues.
“The WSYF is aware that the Government is fully aware of what is happening. The WSYF, definitely, staunchly, stands by the law of the land. But when the rule of the law fails, and when push comes to shove, the WSYF, as any self respecting organisation, will not hesitate in furthering its course of action”, it stated.
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