Saturday, July 31, 2021
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WSYF rejoinder to UZYF

While the statements of Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) are backed by documentary evidences including government records and court orders, the United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF) has been harping on baseless rejoinders bereft of supportive documents. Therefore, the WSYF does not feel it necessary to respond to beating around the bush statements of UZYF. However, lest the readers think the UZYF statements to be true even though it lacked documentary evidences, the WSYF hereby issues only few points to clear any doubts from the minds of the public.
WSYF acknowledges the Zeliangrong as a whole as Nagas, but the Nagas of Manipur have no say in the present dispute as it is purely within the demarcated state of Nagaland. It is a fact that many people have been brought from Naga areas of Manipur to settle in Nagaland state thus leading to creation of discord and disharmony. No amount of justification and attempts to distort the Naga history of inhabitation of Dimapur area can change the fact. The truth shall remain the truth. The historical truth will show otherwise of the wild statements of the Zeliangrong people about their claims on Intangki area as well, but as a matured tribe, the Sumis do not desire to involve several communities into the picture.
In its opening statement as published on May 15, 2021 in a local daily, the UZYF accused the WSYF of indulging in “programmed continuation of lies and twists.” The UZYF should have clearly pointed out which part of statement issued by WSYF and published on May 14, 2021 was a repeated lie. Without articulating on the points and merely generalizing it on the surface and terming it as a lie amounts to confusing the public and it clearly reflected the intention of the UZYF. Numerous points issued by WSYF has been backed by strong documents and records and if for any reason the UZYF doubts it, then they can verify it with the appropriate authority and satisfy themselves instead of using the keyboard to describe it as a lie and fictitious.
With regard to the notes left behind at the site of 22nd March 2021 incident, the UZYF should provide proof that the Sumis have written it. Blindly accusing the Sumis of having written the notes merely because the word “Sumi” was in the content, is only imaginary and anticipatory bereft of proof when it could be handiwork of anybody to trigger mass hatred towards Sumis. Even the authorities will first have to find proof of who has written the notes. However, it is unfortunate that the UZYF came to absurd conclusion about “Sumi hand of involvement” in the 22nd March incident when the WSYF has been requesting the Sumi community to maintain peace even in the face of extreme provocation.
Official records are available as far as establishment of Kiyevi village and other Sumi villages in the Western Sumi area is concerned. Any aggreived party can take recourse to legal action but it is to unnecessary drag in the Chakhro Angami into the picture. The Angami brothers are not the side jokers to be always dragged in. The Chakhro Angamis or Angamis in general are a powerful tribe who can speak for themselves and fend for themselves if need arise.
The admission that Lamhainamdi was established on 31st March, 2019 is itself against the strictures issued by the State Government. The strictures were issued as early as January, 2019. Even after the Chief Secretary issued Status Quo Order on 25th June, 2019, the developments were still continuing. Perhaps the strictures of the Government and the meaning of Status Quo did not register into the minds and brains of those continuing developmental activities.
The report of 1st February, 2021 also clearly reported of continuing developmental works much against the Status Quo order. Status Quo cannot be stretched to suit the wild imagination of the UZYF. Further, the Sumi villages mentioned are way outside the area covered by Status Quo Order. The Government agencies turned blind eye to the continuous development of Lamhainamdi village without enforcing its own Order leading to the unfortunate loss of 3 lives of our Naga brothers. It is the Sumis who stand on a better footing than the UZYF to blame the Government for not enforcing its own Status Quo Order.
The allegation about open involvement of UG groups in establishing villages is exteremely outrageous. The immense contribution of Sumis to the Naga national movement is an open truth and we take pride for the sacrifices rendered by our people for the cause of the Nagas. As such, be it a village functionary, GB or the public; services rendered by them towards the Naga national cause is purely on their personal accord and it strongly reflects patriotic qualities.
The WSYF do not enjoy the endless media warfare and hence the UZYF can approach the appropriate legal forum to redress their grievances if any and desist from image building tactics thereby attempting to dislodge documental arguments of WSYF.
Trying to play down the pains and struggles of the early settlers in Dimapur area by judging it from the present day convenient times is akin to derecognizing the sacrifices of pioneers be it Sumi or any other community.
As far as the current dispute is concerned, there have been a lot of judicial pronouncements in the past which is on record and the WSYF leaves it to the appropriate authority to peruse and conclude. The WSYF believes in arguments based on available documents and records and not on imaginary arguments.
Much contrary to the hypocritic diplomacy of UZYF; the WSYF, although provoked by the statements of UZYF, chooses to remain calm and peaceful in the interest of communal harmony. However, our peaceful overture and mild statements focusing only on available records should not be miscontrued as a toothless or handicapped organization.
Issued by Media Cell
Western Sumi Youth Front

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