Saturday, June 19, 2021
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WSYF on disputed area

The Western Sumi Youth Front is dismayed to come across media statements frequently mentioning the so-called non-existent Lamhainamdi village as under Peren district when the disputed area is yet to be demarcated and the same cannot be attributed to be under the jurisdiction of either Peren or Dimapur district. What is more surprising is the state government’s own Department Information & Public Relations’ position mentioning “Lamhainamdi” as under Peren district during the recent visit of the Leader of Opposition, T.R. Zeliang to the area on April 5, 2021.
Kiyevi village was established in 1939 even before Nagaland’s statehood and documentary evidences clearly show that the disputed area falls within the jurisdiction of Kiyevi village under Dhansiripar sub division in Dimapur district.
However, acknowledging the fact that the boundary is yet to be demarcated between the two districts and that the state government would give a just decision taking into account the documentary evidences, the WSYF has not been vociferous in attributing the disputed area to be under Dimapur district except mild mentions for the purpose of setting the records straight. Keeping our voices low in this matter should not be regarded as surrendering the jurisdictional position of the disputed area to be under Kiyevi village falling under 4 Ghaspani- I Constituency in Dimapur district. The WSYF shall fight tooth and nail to see that the disputed area is accorded its original position under Dimapur district.
The so-called Lamhainamdi village does not exist and the illegally proposed village is to be set up by some encroachers from Manipur state in the land belonging to Kiyevi village. Therefore, the name “Lamhainamdi” is only imaginary and does not deserve mentioning in the current context and issue.
If the government is serious about resolving the particular border issue, then it should sincerely look into all causes and incidents related to the disputed area and not only the March 22 incident as the precursor and an end to the issue.
The state government should immediately set up an inquiry into the destruction of plantation and burning of houses at Khehoi village on February 19, 2021. The killing of village headman and chairman of Inavi village in 2011 should also be reinvestigated thoroughly with equal zeal as in the case of March 22 incident in order to deliver justice equally to both the parties. The 2011 incident happened during the Chief Ministership of the current CM and justice is yet to be delivered. It is an opportune time for the sitting CM to prove the mantle of his government’s machinery in apprehending the culprits of all earlier incidents that gradually led to the unfortunate March 22 incident and deliver justice to all the parties involved. Choosing and picking only a particular incident in an effort to resolve the entire issue perhaps reflects inclination to one side and denies justice to other victims of all earlier incidents.
The Deputy Chief Minister during his visit to the disputed area on 8th April 2021 expressed seriousness of the government on the issue and harped on the consitution of SIT. With the expressed seriousness, the government should accord same sincerity to all earlier incidents related to the issue and expand the scope of the SIT to investigate all earlier related cases.
The WSYF remains resolute in safeguarding our traditional land and at the same time shall not shy away from extending our cooperation to the authorities if it is sincere to deliver justice to all concerned irrespective of colour.
Issued by Media Cell, Western Sumi Youth Front

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