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WSYF appeals to Govt to release those completing 14 days quarantine

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Dimapur, June 25: The Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) has appealed to the state Government to speed up the process of releasing those people who have completed 14 days mandatory quarantine to avoid further problems which might emanate from such particular section of the returnees.
The WSYF also appealed to the food caterers to provide timely, hygienic and healthy food to the returnees since this is a time when each individual needs to have proper diet to boost the immune system to fight against COVID-19.
While appreciating the state government and particularly the Dimapur district authorities led by the Empowered Group comprising of senior bureaucrats in handling of the situation during this pandemic, the WSYF also lauded all the frontline workers for their sacrifice and tireless efforts in the service of the public.
Despite such magnanimous efforts by the authorities to contain the spread of the disease and providing all logistics, food and all other basic essential needs, it is disheartening that some returnees in quarantine centres in Dimapur are flouting quarantine rules and instructions and at times even leading to ugly confrontation with the authorities, it stated.
The WSYF took note of unruly behaviour by some returnees and said it has been tracking their behaviour through the appropriate authorities and this is how far it can tolerate their misbehaviour going against instructions given by the authorities.
The WSYF cautioned all returnees within its jurisdiction particularly those belonging to Sumi community that if any of them is found misbehaving and going against the instructions of the authorities would be dealt with in a befitting manner by the Youth Front.
If there is any genuine problem/complaint faced by them in quarantine centres, the concerned returnee/s may intimate the WSYF officials for taking up the matter with the appropriate authorities instead of creating nuisance which might tarnish their own image as well as that of the community, it said.
At the same time, WSYF also appealed to the returnees of all other tribes and communities to cooperate with the authorities. It appealed to all returnees to understand that whatever steps the government is taking pertains to the safety of each and everyone and hence government instructions should to be strictly followed and adhered to.
Meanwhile, it has also been noted that many of the returnees have overstayed their mandatory 14 days institutional quarantine and also many have complained of the poor quality of food being provided thereby leading to confrontations with the authorities. (Page News Service)