Tuesday, June 18, 2024

WSTH celebrates silver jubilee


Dimapur, June 7: Western Sümi Totimi Hoho (WSTH) celebrated silver jubilee on June 7 at Thilixu Village, Chümoukedima on the theme, “Kuqhakulu Chikamujo Ani” (Nurturing Unity), with Advisor to Industries and Commerce, Hekani Jakhalu as special guest and Retired Director of Higher Education, Kuholi Chishi as theme speaker.
A press release stated that Hekani termed her becoming an MLA as an answered prayer of the “Sülimis” (Sümi women) and Naga women in general. She also underscored the importance of representation and said that more Naga women need to come out and lead from the forefront.
Lamenting the disunity among Nagas, Hekani called for oneness for the Naga society to progress. She opined that Naga society was not progressing because people resort to ‘blame game’ and noted the need for a change of mindset.
“If we do not change our mindset and unify, then the younger Naga generation will not progress and prosper,” she added. In this regard, Hekani said that women can play a vital role in unifying the people by exhibiting patience.
The special guest also announced “WSTH Silver Jubilee Scholarship” for Western Sümi women, details of which will be worked out with WSTH later.
Theme speaker, Kuholi Chishi, said that unity exists in the Sümi community; however, they do not nurture the spirit of unity. She said unity can be nurtured by embracing diversity, embracing the gift of bonding, embracing Sümi values, and embracing God.
Chishi urged Sümis to embrace, appreciate, and respect the diversity among individuals, within families and the society at large. Stating that God’s gift to women is patience, humility, and compassion, she called Sümi women to utilize these values to bring people together.
Further, the speaker observed the need for Sümis to preserve and promote their rich culture and traditions, putting emphasis on language, traditional attires, cuisine, arts and crafts. “We must preserve these age-old culture and practices to protect and preserve our Sümi identity for generations to come,” said Chishi.
The highlights of the day-long celebrations were ‘Thishole,’ a mega cultural display by 1400 Sülimis from Western Sümi area, and ‘Kulolau Sulimi Shekiqhe Leshe’ by STLs of Chekiye, Kiyeto, and Thahekhu villages.
(Page News Service)