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WSKH, WSYF hold meet with Sumi leaders of Naga political orgs

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 6: The Western Sümi Kükami Hoho (WSKH) and Western Sümi Youth Front (WSYF) had a meeting with the Sumi leaders of various Naga Political Organizations on April 6 at Western Sümi Hoho Office and deliberated on Naga political issue and upcoming WSKH Jubilee.

The WSKH and WSYF extended its gratitude to all the Naga political leaders for accepting the invitation and for their positive response.
The meeting was chaired by WSKH President Vihuto Yeptho who called upon the leaders of different Naga political organizations to reconcile amongst them and to respect and honour one another so as to achieve honourable and acceptable Naga Political solution.
All the Naga Political leaders emphasized on the need to resolve the Naga political issue at the earliest for larger interest of the Nagas. They also called for peace and harmony among the different Naga tribes specially at a time when all the people are waiting for the final Naga Political solution.
Stating that Nagas have suffered for long and cannot afford any more bloodshed the Naga political leaders urged the Nagas to pray for early solution.
Moreover the WSKH and WSYF officials asked the Naga political leaders to extend their support and co-operation, both in logistic and materialistic term for the upcoming WSKH Jubilee which is to be celebrated in December this year.

WSYF President Mughavi Awomi, GB; WSYF General Secretary Bohoi Yeptho; WSKH Vice President Viyishe Chishi GB were among others who spoke on the occasion.
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