Thursday, January 28, 2021

WSKH holds mid-general session

Dimapur, September 13: Western Sumi Kukami Hoho mid-general session was held at Suhoi Village on September 12. Dr. P Nihoto Chishi, Head GB Nihoto Village and first president of WSKH graced the occasion as the chief guest and raised the hoho flag.
Addressing the gathering expressed his views on how an organisation must function and said that election or selection of a president or any other office bearers should be done by the members of the hoho and not other organisations whatsoever.
The first president of WSKH said that the hoho, in principle, must stand by the resolution which was passed during its general session on January 27 last at Vihokhu Village. Whatever resolution passed with the consent of all GBs present during the general session must be respected and upheld.
Stating that a GB has greater role to play in the society and therefore, as a good leader of the people, one must be honest, truthful and just in leadership and to stand firm for what is right for there is assured blessing for those who do the right.
He was hopeful that the Western Sumi Hoho will show its maturity and ability in facilitating to resolve the issue amicably in the interest of all concerned at early possible time.
Hoho representatives of nine areas under Western Sumi who spoke on behalf of their respective areas declared that they firmly stand by January 27 resolution passed during hoho general session at Vihokhu and denounced the involvement of other organizations in the affairs of the WSKH.
President, WSKH S. Vihuto Yepthomi also spoke on the occasion.
Session officials informed that more than 300 GBs attended the session.
GBs reiterated to firmly uphold the January27 resolution, to abide by the hoho constitution. Its was also resolved that any matters related GBs and Hoho shall be dealt by the GBs alone.
Other resolutions adopted at the session include that Western Sumi Kukami Hoho shall no longer recognize Western Sumi Advisory Board and no frontal of WSKH shall follow or abide by the advisory of WSAB and, head committee shall probe and initiate action deem fit against anyone found tarnishing the image and reputation of WSKH.
Meanwhile, Hoho, on the approval of the house has inducted Viyeshe Chishi of Aghunaqa area and Shikavi Zhimomi of Ato area as vice presidents and Kawoto X. Aye of Kuhuboto area as general secretary. The names were put forward by the nomination committee led by Apeto Assumi as convener.
Khehovi V Chophi, head GB, Hoito village and president Dimapur District GB Association was the sessional chairman while Shikavi Zhimo, GB Yeveto village was the secretary for the session.
Tokuho S. Neho, head GB, Suhoi village and former president, DDGBA welcomed the GBs to the session. (Page News Service)