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WSKH fears possible outbreak of factional clash within its turf

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DIMAPUR, JANUARY 24: A day after the NSCN/GPRN (Akato Chophi) issued the ‘Declaration’ pertaining to the ceasefire, the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) has expressed apprehension about the possibility of a factional clash and social unrest and further escalation of bloodbath in and around the WSKH domain, comprising of 3 districts of Dimapur, Niuland and Chumoukedima, if immediate measures are not taken.
In a ‘Memorandum’, issued by its president, S VihutoYepthomi and general secretary, X Kawoto Aye, the WSKH stated that some pending internal conflicts within the NSCN (R) unfortunately led to the split, where one party under Wangtin/Tikhak and another led by Akato Chophi came into parallel existence. It also said the group led by Akato Chophi announced the split and declared ‘unilateral ceasefire’ with the Government of India on November 19, 2021.
Regretting the unprecedented split, the WSKH said it feels apprehensive that possible outbreak of factional clash, could be in the offing. However, it said Akato is a bona fide founding member of many Western Sumi Organizations/Unions/Associations/Hohos, etc., and responsible for many upliftment works of the society and also a brain child of many creative conducts.
Claiming that Akato is one of the most important figures and an asset to the Western Sumi Areas, the WSKH said it cannot remain silent spectator when one of its most important members is treated unfairly and being given step-motherly treatments.
The WSKH also reiterated its resolutions of November 22, 2021 to extend fullest and unconditional support to AkatoChophi and stood firm on its decision.
It further appealed to the competent authorities to take into consideration, the offer for maintaining ceasefire by the NSCN (Akato) and Government of India. The WSKH said, “If at all, it is true, those vested interest are cautioned and warned to immediately stop all sorts of malicious designs or any such, that will no way benefit nobody but rather will badly effect everyone either directly or indirectly.”
While appealing to all concerned, including competent authorities, NGOs/CSOs and individuals to work towards peace overtures, the WSKH also warned any person working against peace (pertaining to ceasefire issue) that in the aftermath of problems and chaos that may crop up within WSKH domain due to some detrimental acts, the WSKH will never tolerate against those involved, who will be solely held responsible.
It also reminded all that Nagas are yet to recover from the shock of the unfortunate Oting incident of December 4 and 5, where 14 innocent civilians were outrageously massacred and several injured by the para commandos/security forces. “We cannot afford yet another such incidents or worse for the simple fact that the WSKH areas comprises of 3 districts wherein the density of population, assets, and potential threats to innocent civilians and risk involvement are far, far way much more higher than the ill fate Oting”, it further stated.
The copy of the ‘Memorandum’ was also addressed to Union Home Minister, Amit Shah; Chairman, CFSB/CFMG; A K Mishra, Interlocutor; Director, IB; Governor of Nagaland, Chief Minister of Nagaland; Deputy Chief Minister; DGP, Nagaland; GOC, Easter Command and NGOs/CSOs.
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