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WSKH fearing factional clashes unfounded: WC, NNPGs

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 4: The Working Committee (WC) of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has expressed concern over what it alleged is the “unceremonious media utterances by a group of Western Sumi GBs taking the banner of WSKH” expressing fear of “factional clashes and bloodbath”.
“Former WSKH President Mr. Vihuto Yeputhomi, and his secretary, on 24th January 2022, have expressed fear of factional clashes and bloodbath. If it is so, they must mention clearly which group and which leader is preparing for factional clashes again. Is he enrolled already and mentoring anti-social elements to disturb peaceful atmosphere in Nagaland? Why must Naga public fear the return of factional battles when all Naga tribes, the Church and Civil societies have worked so hard for reconciliation and unity among Naga political groups?” said the Media Cell, WC, NNPGs in a statement.
Stating that such “utterances” by a group of Western Sumi GBs taking the banner of WSKH has destroyed the good image of Western Sumi customary institution “so impeccably moulded and dispensed by predecessors with wisdom and understanding”, the WC said the “recent irrational media interviews and press statements” have shocked all Naga tribes who have worked with and trusted the judgments and decisions of earlier WSKH pioneers. (Read Full Text)
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