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WSKH extends full support to Akato-led NSCN (R)

Members of the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) during the press briefing on November 22, 2021.

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 22: A day after the NSCN/GPRN, led by Akato Chophy, declared itself as a “separate entity” parted ways from the NNPGs, the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) extended its full support to Akato Chophy and his organization.
After splitting the NSCN/GPRN (Reformation), Akato Chophy had declared unilateral ceasefire with Government of India and is hoping for a positive response from the Centre.

In a threadbare meeting held at Hoito village, the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho decided to support the leadership of Akato Chophy who is leading a faction of the NSCN/GPRN, after splitting from NSCN (Reformation).
Talking to media persons after the meeting, WSKH president, S Vihuto Yepthomi said that since 2017 when Wangtin Naga and P Thikak and their Army Chief held a meeting at Thilixu village, the WSKH had decided that Akato should have a separate faction but the meeting decided that there will be one group and elected Akato Chophy as the vice president.
Yepthomi said today Akato had parted ways from the NSCN (R), therefore, the WSKH is supporting him. He said Akato is standing for the Naga case and since he belongs to the Western area, the Hoho has extended its support to him.
“He did not listen to us in 2017 but today, the WSKH is supporting him for the Naga cause”, he reiterated.
Another member of the WSKH said that they are not against any faction since all are for the Nagas but they have decided to support Akato Chophy as he belongs to their area.
Regarding today’s meeting, the WSKH president said it was convened by them and it was their initiative and clarified that it was not called by Akato.
Regarding the nomenclature of NSCN (R), the WSKH members said that it is their internal problem. It depends on the factions, what name they would adopt. They also said that most of the time, the media has given the names for different factions.
Replying to a query on NNPGs’ endorsing Akato’s expulsion from the group, the WSKH members said, “There may be 7 NNPGs or 8 NNPGs, we welcome them and we are not against, but now the issue of western part…born and brought up…the place where you are staying. NNPGs should know where they are, in the western part, eastern part or the southern part….it is their problem, nor the problem of Akato…from where they (NNPGs) function, they should know.”
Another member said NGOs never say there more faction should be created, adding most of the factions worked together for the Naga cause, but if one groups comes out, they should also be accepted. If we don’t endorse them, there will no solution to the Naga problem, he claimed.

When asked if splits in the factions will affect the Naga solution, a member of the WSKH said that there have been defections in almost all factions. “We the NGOs have never said they should leave one faction and go to another, they have taken the decision according to their own wish for the Naga cause”, he said adding, some can start a new faction, some cannot and there should not be any problem as there have been many factions earlier.
The WSKH said that there would not be any problem in the Naga political issue after Akato has formed another faction. It said Akato’s group should also be brought under ceasefire, adding it will not affect Naga solution.
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