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WSK to work with WSYF “to ensure justice”

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DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 19: The Western Sumi Kukami (WSK) has stated that it will work with Western Sümi Youth Front “to ensure justice” if Nagaland Government fails to implement the evection order issued on July 8, 2019.

“Thereafter whatever incident it may cause to the public, the Government will be solely responsible for it as we are left with no choice by the Government”, read a statement issued on Wednesday.

It stated that in 1945, the boundary between Kiyevi Village (Sümi) and Lamhai Village (Zeliang) was demarcated “without any hassle or issues”.

“But suddenly on September 4, 2018, the Lamhai Village Council issued an authorisation (NOC) to the people of Zeliangrong community for setting up a new village within the land that falls under Kiyevi Village and named it as ‘Lamhainamdi’ by claiming it as their traditional or ancestor land.

“This has further led to the present ongoing conflicts between two peace-loving tribes, due to the vested interest of a few individuals playing behind the scene”, the statement read.

It recounted that when the issue came to light, the State Government immediately issued two separate orders: on June 25, 2019 to maintain a status quo and eviction order on July 8, 2019 “to avoid any further law and order deterioration in the area, as it was evident that it was clear case of encroachment of Kiyevi village jurisdiction”.’

However, it stated, instead of implementing these orders and solving the issue, the Government, “to avoid responsibility”, diverted the case by inviting 14 tribes to mediate the case of eviction orders.

“Moreover, when this was turned down by 14 tribes on the ground that the land conflict is between 2 tribes, the Government again on October 6, 2022, invited the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) and Tenyimi Public Organisation (TPO), to find amicable solution.

“The Government, instead of taking up its responsibility to uphold its previous Government orders, have been clearly shifting its responsibility and in turn, has left the issue to the public to resolve, which is unbecoming of person holding chair of responsibility. Such situational circumstances created the foundation of hatred and more tribalism within the divided Naga society”, it maintained.

The WSK also claimed that its perseverance and faith in the Government have been wrongly taken for granted and the ultimatum served to the State Government by WSYF on September 21 had expired on October 13 “but we are yet to receive any positive news from the State Government to pro-actively defuse the situation, as now more encroachments are taking place in spite of deployment of IRB to avoid any new settlements”.

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