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WSH, WSKH demand Govt.’s attention on land encroachment

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DIMAPUR, APRIL 28: The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) has demanded immediate attention of the State Government to the Kiyevi-Lamhai boundary issue “before it becomes volatile as in the past”.
In a press release, the WSH claimed that there is “heavy encroachment going on with sophisticated weapons at the disputed side” where the State Government had ordered the disputing parties to maintain status quo.
“New encroachments are taking place despite the deployment of IRB personnel at the site and the order issued vide No. GAB-1/333/2014(Vol-1) Dated Kohima, the 25th June, 2019, by the Home Department, Government of Nagaland.
“The situation has become very tense once again and could explode out anytime. The WSH therefore urges the State Government to intervene without any bias and settle the issue without delay. The Western Sumi Hoho will not be held responsible for any untoward incident that may rise up from this issue”, it stated.
WSKH: The Western Sümi Kükami Hoho (WSKH) has appealed to the state Government to look into the matter of land encroachment at Kiyevi village and resolve the matter at the earliest, “failing which the matter will be resolved among the Zeliang and Sumi tribes within our customary law and the State Government will not be allowed to intervene during such time.”
The WSKH held an emergency meeting today in this regard at Western Sumi Hoho office, which was attended by WSKH executive members, advisory board, area chairman/member and ex-presidents, according to a press release issued by KughatoAwomi, general secretary,. Western Sümi Kükami Hoho.
The WSKH said while there is no land in Western Sumi area that is yet to be developed, any individual/group carrying out development works within Western Sumi areas, with the permission of Western Sumi is acceptable, but carrying our any development works without the permission attracts conflicts.
In order to avoid such conflicts among the Naga brothers, the WSKH appealed and informed the particular encroachers’ tribal hohos to look into the matter and recall/retrieve those land encroachers.
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