Sunday, June 20, 2021

WSH raises concern on COVID-19 related issues

Dimapur, April 16: The Western Sumi Hoho today questioned the state government as to why the BSL-3 Laboratory could not be established in Dimapur along with Kohima despite the release of Rs 32641.66 lakhs on April 3 as grant-in-aid from Ministry of Finance, Government of India.
It said as funds were sufficiently allotted, judicious and equal allotment and as per the population and proper preparedness to face any eventuality in these difficult times is the need of the hour.
The Hoho said Dimapur, being a very densely populated district and of endemic zone, fits the prescription of BSL3 Laboratory and questioned why a lower level BSL-2 for Dimapur.
The WSH also demanded protective gears such as ventilators, PPEs, hand sanitizers, test kits and N95 masks be properly distributed in all the districts and mass testing should start immediately in order to contain the pandemic before it becomes critical here in Nagaland.
It also reminded all state leaders to be fair, honest and efficient in the fight against the COVID-19.
The WSH also asked proper lodging for all frontline workers, adding all quarantine centres should provided nutritious food to boost up the immunity of quarantined persons.
The staffs of Zion Hospital Dimapur must be looked properly and given care as they are facing lots of hardship, abuse stigmatization from every corner, it added.
The WSH opined that no curb on the freedom of expression should be imposed on anyone by any high government officials as the Freedom of Expression is very much enshrined in the Article 19(A) of the Indian Constitution which gives the right to express one’s opinion freely without any fear through oral, written, electronic, broadcasting or press.
The WSH further stated that the world has changed and unlike in the past, nothing can be hidden from the people. It has lauded the role of newspapers in bringing out the truth to the people.
On the issue of the infected person from Dimapur, it said if the patient had not rushed to Guwahati for the treatment, then our doctors and nurses would have been in great danger due to the pathetic and ill preparedness of the COVID hospital.
The WSH also raise a serious concern and demanded the DC Dimapur Anoop Khinchi to withdraw the letter to the CMO vide no.DCD/COVD-19/2020/PT-2 /1256 for the COVID -19 training of teachers immediately.
Stating that the people of border areas of Dimapur especially Bor-Lengri, Aghunaqa and Sughuna are facing immense hardship due to lockdown as they are not allowed to enter inside Dimapur from the Assam side nor allowed to go towards Assam side due to lockdown, the WSH appealed to the Special Committee to look into the problem.
It also said distribution of food grains should be immediately started as many families are facing problems in procuring them. (Page News Service)