Monday, March 1, 2021
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WSH endorses CPO’s resolution on land acquisition

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Dimapur, September 22: The Western Sümi Hoho (WSH) has endorsed the resolution made by the Chakhroma Public Organization (CPO) on not recognizing any non-indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland illegally acquiring landed property through sale or purchase under its jurisdiction and that the same shall be treated as null and void.
Agreeing with the CPO that some non-indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland who are prohibited to acquire or possess any land by way of transfer, exchange, lease agreement or settlement by the Nagaland Land Revenue Regulation (Amendment Act) 1978 has been illegally acquiring landed property through sale and purchase in the district of Dimapur, and the same has also been taking place in the Western Sumi jurisdiction too, the WSH said this will be thoroughly checked and will be nullified by the hoho.
“This is a very wise step undertaken by the CPO for posterity and in the same line, the WSH shall not recognise any past or future transfer of land by way of sale or otherwise which were executed or maybe executed in violation of the Nagaland Land Revenue Regulation Act 1978,” it said.
In tandem with the CPO, the WSH stated that for setting up of any institution, be it of medical or educational purpose in the Western Sumi jurisdiction, one has to procure No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Hoho, otherwise it will not be allowed whatsoever.
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