Friday, December 4, 2020
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WSH asks Govt to impose total lockdown in Dimapur


Dimapur, March 30: The Western Sumi Hoho has asked the Government of Nagaland to impose a total lockdown of Dimapur town immediately “before the COVID-19 bomb explodes here and wipeout the Naga population.”
In a press release, WSH said the present policy of imposing lockdown for only few hours in the early morning and afternoon hours has become completely meaningless and futile as there is mad rush of panic buying by majority of people during the relaxation hours every day .
“The lockdown has completely lost its meaning in itself with relaxing hours granted by the district administration on a daily basis. Unless it’s a matter of life and death issue, total lockdown be imposed immediately to save ourselves from being annihilated,” it said.
Stating that many people have become utterly irresponsible and lack sanity thereby endangering the whole populace by their careless attitude, the WSH expressed shock over the mad rush and panic buying on March 30 and demanded the State Government to impose full shutdown without any delay “otherwise a doomsday clearly awaits us.”
” When our entire nation and the most advanced countries of the world have been brought down to their knees by this dreaded pandemic, and with very limited resources and manpower in our Nagaland state, our only way to fight back at the moment is to be all to be equally responsible on our own part by maintaining social distance and staying inside our homes.”
“The Dimapur scenario witnessed on the 30thn March where thousands of people thronging the market places and streets at times such as this was a sign of stupidity and insanity. Enough guidelines and awareness have been issued and now the public also have to play their own responsible part and remain disciplined,” it said adding the district administration in collaboration with civil societies and colony/village councils should work out a system of letting their respective residents buy essential commodities within their own localities and villages by identifying few shops with strict timing and routine to be followed and strictly penalize the defaulters.
The WSH also asked the district administration to enhance home deliveries for the people who do not want to venture out in these perilous times.
Expressing appreciation to the Government for its action to combat the pandemic, the WSH asked the Government to judiciously allot emergency medical equipments for Dimapur as it is the main gateway of Nagaland and remains more vulnerable. It also demanded that a test lab be set up immediately without delay. (Page News Service)