Friday, September 24, 2021

Worshop on MuDSM Program focuses on energy conservation

Dimapur, May 25: A one day workshop on Municipal Demand Side Management (MuDSM) Program involving stake holders was organized today at Hotel Europa Inn. The workshop was supported by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India and organized by Nagaland State Designated Agency, (NSDA).
In his key note address Chief Electrical Inspector, Government of Nagaland, Er. I V Chishi said that the workshop was first of its kind in Nagaland focussing on energy conservation at the Municipal level.
On MUDSM programme, he said the Municipalities sector consumes electricity for various utility services like street lighting, water pumping, sewage treatment and in various public buildings. The programme can improve the overall energy efficiency of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of Nagaland which could lead to substantial savings in the electricity consumption, thereby resulting in cost reduction/ savings for the ULBs, he added.
He said new responsibilities would be given to Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) and it is the DMC which has to carry forward as the implementing agency to conserve energy on a grand scale under its jurisdiction.
He further said in other cities street lights are manned by Municipal bodies and the bills are paid by the Municipal bodies too and by following the energy efficiency methods of MuDSM, the Municipalities were successful in minimizing the cost of the electric bill by 50% but out here in Nagaland the responsibilities falls on the power department, and conserving energy finds no mention in such arrangements”.
Under MuDSM energy can be conserved on a greater scale, he added.
On global warming and conserving energy, he said, “We are a partner responsible for global warming. We pay the scant attention towards conserving electricity and water. We will try our best to initiate new projects with the help of the DMC, people should buy cost energy electronic machineries for home and work place which are star rated and by doing so we save more money and therefore contribute towards energy conservation”.
He stated that if this thing goes in the right way it would be a great step ahead for the state towards conserving energy. He opined that wastage of water and electricity is wastage of energy too and advised to use star rated water pumps and also solar pumps.
Resource person from M/s Cenergist Energy Pvt. Ltd, Kolkatta, N. Bose, while detailing out the ways and means to conserve energy specially using graphs and different models mentioned that using LED lights and star rated electronic equipments is the best way to conserve energy. He stated that three-star electronic equipment gives optimum service and consumes less energy and a one star product consumes more energy.
He said, “Choose the best electronic products in terms of economy as well as durability and a 5 star product is the best.
On implementation of the MUDSM programme, the DMC Superintendent Ganesh Sharma said that the Nagaland Municipal Act 2006 had not been implemented and the DMC is unable to make any arrangements for the implementation of MuDSM program at present.
On knowing that the programme cannot be taken up at present by the DMC due to the non implementation of the Municipal Act, the entire discourse of the workshop shifted towards the negligency of the State government which had still not implemented the Act and for which many representatives from the GBs and civil societies frantically expressed their disappointments.
DUCCF Chairman Tsenthungo Lotha remarked with disappointment, “We can only learn from the workshops but in practice we will not be able to implement it due to the non implementation of the Municipal Act. The early the Act is implemented the early the conservation of energy can be taken up on a grand scale not only in Dimapur but in the entire state.”
Er. I V Chishi intervened and moderated the arguments by advising the public leaders to at least spread the message in each and every colony for the betterment of all.
He said, “At this stage we request all to start using LED bulbs, star rated electronic products, proper use of electricity and water can help lot. Please do spread awareness in your respective colonies and that will be the first step from our end”.
Joint Secretary, GB Union Rangau suggested that the power department and DMC should immediately stop the sale of ordinary bulbs in the market and people should use LED bulbs as a first step to conserve energy.
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