Saturday, September 25, 2021

World’s highest Fashion Show at Mt Everest, Nepal on Jan 26

Everest Fashion Runway

For the 1st time in history, the World’s highest Fashion Show entitled ‘Mt. Everest Fashion Runway’ is all set to be held at Kala Pathar, Mt. Everest, Nepal on January 26. The fashion show will be the highest altitude fashion show in the world as per records and would be an all new attempt at creating a Guinness World Record.
More than 15 International Professional Super Models from all over the world would walk on the highest ramp on earth. The team would trek from Lukla to Kala Patthar on January 15, 2020 and would return to Kathmandu on January 30.
Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema, Chairman of Livingstone Foundation International will be representing not only the Northeastern state of Nagaland but also the entire country at the mega fashion event which is mainly organized to draw world attention to save nature and mountains from non-biodegradable fashion products and items. He will be accompanied by Master Aaron Akivito Sema who, at the age of 12 years, will be the youngest member of the team.
Master Aaron is a Grade-VI student of Livingstone Foundation International and has been selected for the event through rigorous mountain climbing training cum selection procedure.
Dr. Andrew Ahoto will be mainly presenting a record creating talk on environment, climate change and sustainable development which would be a new Guinness Record title in itself of the highest altitude speech on environment given to an elite gathering of top models, VVIPs and several Guinness Record new title attempters including highest altitude fashion show on land, largest fashion catalogue, largest fashion photo-shoot and largest attendance at a fashion show.
The entire project is focused on the global climate change and is an initiative of team KASA which is an international fashion brand founded in the valley of Kathmandu. The project’s mentor and organizer is Pankaj K Gupta who has his initial roots in Nagaland and is right now a successful entrepreneur in Nepal.
Another dynamic person behind the epoch making event is Ramila Nemkul who is the designer of Kasa. KASA is taking the initiative to promote the bio-degradable products which leaves no carbon footprints in the environment.
Talking to media persons, Dr. Andrew Ahoto spoke on the backdrop of a rising concern on Greenhouse Effect due to pollution which has led to the grave dangers of Climate Change.
Dr. Andrew Ahoto gave an example of Bhutan which is not only a carbon neutral but also a carbon negative nation with lush green forests which is a great way to fight climate change and global warming.
All plastic products should be used, reused, recycled and repurposed as they are not degradable products. He also raised the issue of the entire North Eastern region of India which acts as the breathing lungs of the entire country but remains neglected on a global scale where the North Eastern States including Nagaland are not even given their due share in terms of aid and support either from the Indian Government or the World Bank.
He was optimistic that the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway will be able to bring to the fore the crucial issue of climatic change across the globe which is at present the biggest threat to humankind. He also brought to fore the importance of sensitizing the student community on environmental issues including global warming and climate change instead of keeping the matured members of the society as they are the future leaders of this planet.
He also suggested that issues on environment like climate change should be incorporated in the curriculum of different school boards across the globe so that students are encouraged to take up this burning issues right from the earnest at a young age. This according to him will change the global perspective on climate change.
One of the chief aims of the world event is to educate the climbers to use bio-degradable items during their trek in the Himalayas and simultaneously to educate the world to use bio-degradable fabric like felt which is the handmade fabric used in Nepal. This is an initiative to decrease the carbon footprints and also to develop local culture and economy.
The journey for the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway will start from Kathmandu to Mt. Everest base camp and back to Kathmandu which will be completed within 14 days considering the fact that the Himalayan Climate is very harsh where the temperature can go down to minus 5 degrees during the day time and can even dip as low as minus 20 degrees during the night.
The Mt. Everest Fashion runway is supported by several international and national organizations such as Kasa, R.B Diamond Jewellers, Aurea Center (Auroville), Livingstone Foundation International Nagaland, Shine Magazine, Turkish Airlines, Summit Air, Nepal Medicity, Himalaya TV, Pro-model Nepal, The Ridge Films, etc.
The trek for the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway is being managed under Dawa Steven Sherpa, the CEO of Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd. The entire team of The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway including the audience and models will be trekking to Mt. Everest and back to Lukla without the help of any helicopters. The carbon emission produced by the flights used by the team and the models to reach Lukla by flight will be compensated by planting as much trees and plants in Nepal as well as their respective nations.
The MTV team will be filming the journey of The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway. The batteries that will be used for the camera equipments will be carried by extra porter to the Mt. Everest Base Camp and returned. The used batteries will be handed over to the municipality in order to dispose the used batteries in a proper manner.
The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway has pledged to save 8000 liters of water during the trek to the Mt. Everest base camp by using waterless cleansing products such as Clensta Waterless shampoo and Clensta Waterless body bath which are made up of plant based ingredients, biodegradable and sustainable. The container used to store the products can be reused by adding a tablet which contains the ingredients and water to create the shampoo and body bath again. The waterless bath products have received several certifications around the globe such as US FDA. The team will also use waterless lotion, pro-biotic detergent and dish bar during the trek so that they no chemical is left behind. The packaging of the pro-biotic products are 100% biodegradable. The pro-biotic technology has been supported by Aurea center, Auroville to Kasa. This is an initiative towards conserving water and preventing contamination of water in the Himalayas where water is the most precious element for the local people living there. The Eco friendly garment line by Kasa will be introduced at Kala Patthar in which the fabric used is sustainable and bio-degradable. The material used in the garments are felt (hand made by locally produced wool) and pashmina. The backdrop of the presentation on Kala Patthar is made up of the felt material which is a product made in Nepal.
Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema wll be leaving for Nepal on January 15 and return on January 30.