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World would come to standstill without engineers: Tongpang

Nagaland News

KOHIMA, MARCH 4: Minister for PWD (Housing and Mechanical), Tongpang Ozukum on Thursday said that the world without engineers or engineering works would come to a standstill.

He was speaking as the special guest at the World Engineering Day (WED) event organised by the Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Service Associations (FONSESA) at Hotel Vivor in Kohima.
“There won’t be any constructions whether it is roads, bridges or buildings without the existence of civil and architect engineers,” he said, adding that had it not been for the electrical and electronic engineers, power generation and transmission will never be possible.
Reliable energy, fast communication, sustainable resources, self-driven cars all these rely on engineering solutions and were made possible by both electrical and electronic engineers, he said.
According to the Minister, no branch of engineering is less important than the other. They are equally important and necessary for making this world a better place, he said.
Referring to the launch of 2nd UNESCO Engineering Report called “Engineering for Sustainable Development: Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals,” he expressed confidence that the new report will exemplify engineers as the protagonists of innovation and responsible for building social progress.
Ozukum also urged FONSESA members to initiate drastic steps to achieve all the UNSECO Sustainable Development Goals.
“In order to do that, you must connect with the people. You must share your innovative ideas to the policymakers, to civil societies and other organizations so that we all become more aware of our responsibilities and contribute something to protect and preserve the world we live in,” the Minister said.
Requesting FONSESA members to be more active, Ozukum said, “Let our people know the existence of this association not by going for agitation demanding this and that but by doing something extraordinary, something great or even with your dedicated initiatives in achieving the sustainable development goals adopted by UNESCO.”
FONSESA president, Moa Aier said that basing on the resolution adopted by the 40th General Conference of UNESCO in November 2019, World Engineering Day for sustainable development is celebrated on March 4 every year.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the important contributions of engineers and engineering to sustainable development and modern life. The day is also an opportunity to engage with government and industry to address the need for engineering capacity and the quality of engineers around the world and develop strategic frameworks and best practices for the implementation of engineering solutions for sustainable development,” he said. (Page News Service)