World Water Day observed in state


Dimapur, March 22: The Directorate of Soil & Water Conservation celebrated the World Water Day 2019 today. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. The theme of World Water Day 2019 is “Leaving no one behind” as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
In his opening remark, the chairperson of the program and Deputy Director, Rongsenlemzung emphasized that access to clean & safe water underpins public health and is therefore critical to sustainable development and a stable and prosperous world.
Viliehu Nguzhü, Director, Soil & Water Conservation in his speech highlighted the importance of fresh water and advocated for sustainable management of freshwater resources. He also mentioned the background of World Water Day origin, its theme, importance, human right to water, problem of water crisis and the way forward.
He stressed that, to ‘leave no one behind, we must focus our efforts towards including people who have been marginalized or ignored and that their voices must be heard in Decision-making processes”.
He asserted that from Agricultural Context in India, the wealth of a nation lies in the water in the rivers-its freshwater resources.
Kenilo Kessen JRF, Nagaland State Climate Change Centre, gave presentation on “Climate Change and Water with special reference to Nagaland”. He elaborated on the Climate Change and Water Scenario of Nagaland and India, Water Security and what can be done to address the prevailing water crisis.
The vote of thanks was proposed by Wondangbeni Kikon, SDO(SC).
The programme was attended by officials & staff of the Directorate of Soil & water Conservation and representatives from Nagaland State Climate Change Centre.
Dimapur, March 22: Water Resource Department along with the line departments PHED, Environment, Forest & Climate, Soil & Water Conservation observed the World Water Day with theme “Leaving No One Behind- Safe water”. The programme was conducted at CBLT Jubilee Memorial Hall Tuensang on Friday. Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Ali Shihab was the special guest.
Speaking on the occasion the Special Guest applauded the effort of the Water Resources Department and line departments for cooperative working system. The Special Guest highlighted the rough statistics of the rainfall in Nagaland which will extend up to eight month from one year which is a positive sign for the small state like Nagaland. He also stated that we should not leave anyone behind and reach to all the sections of the people.
Stating on the practice of Jhum cultivation he said that it may be hard to eradicate but we can also reduce the magnitude of the uses so that we can minimize the negative impacts on the water resources.
Water Resources and line departments namely PHED, Environment, Forest & Climate, Soil & Water Conservation displayed PPT on the respective department activities and programmes and schemes of the departments. Keynote address was given by Lily Tep, District Soil and water conservation department while Tzutipokla Longkumer, Chemist WSSO PHED Tuensang spoke on safe drinking water.
The programme was followed by EVM demonstration for the benefit of the members.
Department of Soil Conservation organized the international World Water Day on Friday at District Fishery Office, Wokha on the theme “Leaving no one behind safe water for all”, with EAC (J) Imtinungla as the special guest.
Addressing during the celebration, the special guest stated that all our natural resources are diminishing at a rapid pace which is very alarming for our survival where she urged all to change our ways of living by way of using water resourcefully. She also appealed line departments to create innovative plans and ways to tackle water shortage problems.
District Forest Officer, Zuthunglo Patton appealed to the participants and citizens in making Mt.Tiyi forest more greener as this forest is the only source of water for Wokha town and called for preservation and conservation of the Mt.Tiyi so that one can get safe and sufficient drinking water for generation to come.
JE, PHED Er.Chenithung while giving the status of water resources under PHED Wokha division said, Water is called the “Elixir of life”. But, with the expansion of human population, developmental activities, reckless deforestation- surface as well as ground water sources are getting depleted as well as contaminated.
He also stated other factors aside, one sometimes tend to give more importance to other luxuries, rather than on this essential commodity i.e., safe potable water.
Just by lodging queries/ complaints/ suggestions to the nodal department, will not solve the problem of water scarcity in the district, he said and added It is common responsibility for all- for water to be used judiciously. Department of Soil and Water Conservation also gave a power point presentation.
Kiphire District Planning & Development Board meeting cum world water day on the theme “Leaving no one Behind” was held on March 22 at DC’s Conference Hall.
Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, M.Shayung Phom welcomed all the new members and hoped that they will render their best for the development of the Kiphire district.
ADC Wilfred Reny appealed to all the officers and staffs of the concern departments to be more sincere and efficient in their duties for successful and peaceful conduct for the forthcoming of General Election to Lok Sabha.
DSCO, Chumei Yanlem highlighted on the importance of water and also the major steps to take up. She said that Nagaland faces a lot of water scarcity problems and gave suggestions on recycling water. Later demonstration of EVM/VVPATS was done by Dr.Tsilise.
(Page News Service)