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World TB Day observed across Nagaland

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 24: Along with the rest of the world, World TB Day was observed in various districts of Nagaland today on the theme, “Yes! We can end TB”.
National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) Dimapur in collaboration with Red Ribbon Club (RRC), Immanuel College Dimapur observed World TB Day today at Immanuel College under the theme “Yes, We can end TB!”. The programme was organized to sensitize the students and teaching staffs on tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and blood donation.
Dr. Benchilo Ngullie, District TB Officer Dimapur highlighted the prevalence of TB in Dimapur District. She informed that 1738 TB patients were under free treatment in 2022. She also sensitized the participants on the common signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. She emphasized that TB is 100% curable with early diagnosis and treatment. All diagnosis and treatment of TB is free of cost in all Government health facilities.
Ketou, Programme Assistant, DAPCU Dimapur highlighted on the routes of HIV/AIDS transmission and measures to prevent infection and further spread of the disease. He also sensitized the participants on the importance of blood donation.
Doshring Hansu, a TB champion shared his testimony on his fight against TB. He urged the participants to be supportive to TB patients and not stigmatize or discriminate them.
The programme was chaired by Serfudin Ali, Asst. Professor, Dept. of EVS and the welcome address was delivered by Th. Saratchandra Singh, Principal, Immanuel College.
World TB Day was observed at Yongyah village, Longleng which was attended by the citizens of the village along with the villages from neighbouring villages.
Dr. Banglau Phom Medical Officer Yongyah CHC chaired the programme. Keynote address was given by Dr.Temsusashi District TB Officer, Longleng.
He explained about the observation of World TB Day and its significance. He also shared the vision of collective efforts in making Longleng district TB free by 2025 along with the rest of the country. Awareness on TB was presented by Tongang Phom STS.
Short speeches were also given by Phonshing Phom, Chairman Yongyah Village Council and Ongngan Phom, Chairman Shamshang Village Council. TB Champion, Thapmei Phom also shared about the experience of TB.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Henmei Phom TB Visitor.
During the program awards were given in three categories. The first category was given to Tongang, the best and sincere most performing programme staff, the second category was given to Ponmei, Nurse Sakshi PHC, the best contributor to the program from among the general medical staffs and the third category was given to Thapmei Phom, the best performing DOT Provider.
After the program, Active Case Finding was held where sputum was collected from presumptive cases for examination.
World TB day in Peren was observed across the district in all the 18 Health and Wellness Centres and 3 Microscopic Centres, Tening CHC, Ahthibung PHC and Heningkunglwa PHC.
The main function was held at Bongkolong village in collaboration with ISRN Peren unit. Dr. Keholi Sema, DTO, Peren gave a keynote address about the significance of the day. She briefed that TB Day is observed to raise awareness about TB and effort to end the global epidemic. She shared some facts about the early warnings and awareness for early detection. She elaborated about the signs and symptoms and about the Designated Microscopy Centre available in Peren district.
She also encouraged the responsibilities of every citizen to create awareness. She also encouraged the gathering that health is very important and said a healthy lifestyle is very important and motivated to make health a priority. She also said that with the advancement of medical science we are so lucky that we can avail all the best medical facilities.
Awareness campaign and screening of symptomatic patients were conducted during the day at all the 18 HWC’s centres. Awareness campaign was also held at Bongkolong Government High School.
Free IEC materials were distributed during the observance.
The programme was attended by Dr. Keholi Sema, DTO, Dr. Viholi, ZLO, ISRN, stakeholders and medical fraternity.
Immanuel College:
Red Ribbon Club, Immanuel College in collaboration with National TB Elimination Programme observed World Tuberculosis Day on the theme ‘Yes! We Can End TB!’ on March 24 at the College Auditorium. The awareness programme was held to sensitise on TB, HIV AIDS and blood donation.
Dimapur District Tuberculosis Officer, Dr. Benchilo Ngullie spoke on TB disease by pointing out the fact that TB is an ancient and communicable disease cause by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It is totally curable with proper treatment, she assured.
She laid out the statistical figure that around 10 million people in the world are infected by TB every year and in India it is around 26 lakhs which is the highest in the world. In Nagaland, Dimapur has the highest number of cases.
The resource person also mentioned the vision of World Health Organisation and India in their effort to eliminate TB, whereas WTO aim to eradicate it by 2030 and India by 2025. To fulfil the target, ‘Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan’ campaign was started in 2022 by the President of India. NTEP of India calls to give free diagnosis and treatment to the infected patients. Directly Observe Therapy(DOTs) is a strategy for TB treatment.
The speaker also stressed on the stigma undergone by the patients which is worse than the disease. She strongly stated that this kind of discrimination and mindset should be done away.
She concluded her speech by stressing on the theme with a punch line ‘knowledge is power’. Having the right knowledge can empower oneself as well as others, she said and invited the participants to be a part of the campaign by spreading awareness to eliminate TB.
The awareness on HIV and blood donation was presented by Khriekeloulie, Program Assistant, District AIDS Prevention Control Unit (DAPCU), Dimapur.
HIV is a virus and in Nagaland it was first detected among the drugs users in 1994, he said. The resource person enlightened the attendees with detailed information about HIV’s history, routes of transmission, symptoms, treatment, etc. Anti- Retroviral Therapy (ART) is a drug for HIV treatment. HIV is not curable but manageable disease and it can be prevented through safe behaviour, he added.
Talking about the blood donation, he differentiated types of donors; professional donors, replacement donors and voluntary donors. He said that a healthy person is totally safe to donate blood. He wrapped up his speech with the line, ‘Someone is needing blood somewhere, donate blood and save life’.
The programme was chaired by Serfudin Ali, Assistant Professor, Department of EVS. Invocation was pronounced by Lanusangla, Asst. Professor, Department of Zoology and welcome address was delivered by Sharatchandra Singh, Principal Immanuel College. Nurhebei, Convenor Red Ribbon Club, Immanuel College, proposed the vote of thanks. Earlier, appreciation certificates were presented to five NTEP staff for their remarkable contribution in their field. Thongsring Hanry, TB champion gave his testimony. (Page News Service)