Sunday, June 20, 2021

World Red Cross Day celebrated in Dimapur, Longleng

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Chairman of Dimapur Red Cross speaking to Red Cross Patrons, Members & Team Leaders at Holy Cross School Auditorium on the occasion of World Red Cross Day, celebrating 100 years of Indian Red Cross Society

Dimapur, May 8: Along with the rest of the world, Dimapur Red Cross celebrated World Red Cross Day at Holy Cross School Auditorium on May 8, where Chandu Agarwal, Chairman, Dimapur Red Cross was the Chief Guest and Ghokuto Chophi, Vice-President, Naga Council Dimapur was the Guest of Honour.
Speaking on the occasion, Agarwal appreciated the selfless services of the volunteers and said that while Nagaland is in Green Zone right now, it would be a challenging time when those stranded outside the state return. He also asked the volunteers to be careful and take care of themselves too while serving others as the virus doesn’t discriminate.
Chophi, in his brief remark, also appreciated the volunteers and said that he’s very glad to witness how the works are being carried out by the Dimapur Red Cross.
Honorary Secretary K. K. Paul on the occasion spoke about the founder of Red Cross and how it came into existence and managing committee member Ahidur Rahman exhorted the volunteers in general for their noble deeds.
It may be noted that more than 500 Red Cross Volunteers of Dimapur Red Cross from almost all denominations and communities have been actively assisting the District Administration & Chief Medical Officer for the past 45 days in various tasks.
At the end of the programme, all the volunteers, managing committee members and everyone else present there clapped for two minutes to show solidarity with the doctors, police and everyone else on the frontline.
It may be noted that more than 500 Red Cross Volunteers of Dimapur Red Cross from almost all denominations & communities have been actively assisting the District Administration & Chief Medical Officer for the past 45 days in maintaining Social Distancing at Fair Price Shops, Medical & Grocery Shops, Ration Distributions, Community Kitchens works, Food packaging, ATMs, Malls besides conducting Thermal Screenings & distributing food packets etc as needed & guided by the authorities during the pandemic COVID-19.
Dimapur Red Cross has already issued more than 500 Red Cross jerseys, 2,000 Hand Gloves, 1500 Sanitizers, 3000 Masks, 50 Raincoats, 30 Umbrellas etc. to its Volunteers. Dimapur Red Cross is grateful to all the organisations, Administration for assisting in mobilization of 500 volunteers at a very short notice. So also, we are grateful to State Representative Helena Angami & Managing Committee Members Inaka Assumi, Ajit Sethi, Ajay Sethi for all round support in all the works.
Meanwhile, Red Cross expressed gratitude to all its Volunteers & Members who have selflessly offered their services during this pandemic COVID-19.
The Longleng unit of the Indian Red Cross Society observed the World Red Cross day at DC’s conference hall, Longleng on May 8 with Deputy Commissioner Longleng M. ShayungPhom who is also the chairman of the IRCS, Longleng as the Special Guest. The program was held under the theme “Keep Clapping for Volunteers”.
Speaking on the occasion the Deputy Commissioner appealed to the gathering members to actively respond to the global pandemic COVID-19 disaster through their voluntary and humanity service with impartiality and neutrality and, further urged to extend prayer support to the patients and families battling with COVID-19 across the world for their speedy recovery.
Shayung also acknowledged that the district administration, police, medical department and other government agencies along with the churches and civil societies have been working round the clock and have left no stone unturned to ensure the safety of its citizens. He asserted that by the grace of God no COVID-19 positive case have been reported so far from Longleng and the state of Nagaland.
The DC also informed that the police, Village Guards and DBs deployed at Dikhuriver have been constantly screening the stranded Students, patients and other people coming back from other districts to Longleng. He therefore, appealed to the people not to discriminate the people returning back to the district on COVID-19 suspicious ground.
Y.B. AngamPhom, Hony Secretary IRCS, Longleng proposed the keynote address and highlighted the activities of the IRCS Longleng done in the district. Special numbers presented by the Longleng Town Baptist Youth incharge N. Tenhau Associate Pastor and Moipen&Lachoi were the highlights of the program. The program was chaired by N. ShauhongPhom, Life Member.
After the program the members visit District Hospital Longleng and served refreshment to the hospital staffs, patients and distributed cash relief to the patients. They also provided refreshment to the police on duty in the streets. (Page News Service)