Tuesday, May 11, 2021

World Population Day observed in Nagaland

Dimapur, July 11: World Population Day was observed in the Dimapur CMO’s conference hall along with the rest of the country today.
In the programme, Dr Rebecca, DPO RCH-UIP, oriented the members on the activities to be carried out during the Population Stabilization Fortnight commencing from July 11 to 24. She briefed the members on the activities to be carried out in all the blocks. She further urged the health workers to encourage eligible couples on birth spacing and to motivate the men folks to participate in the Family Planning methods. She also informed the members to sensitize the beneficiaries about the incentives for beneficiaries opting for the various family planning methods.
Dr Z. Kheshito Zhimo, Medical Superintendent, District Hospital Dimapur urged the members to educate the public on the different choices of family planning methods, to patiently answer their queries to eliminate their doubts and fears they may have on opting for temporary or permanent methods of family planning. He also requested them to act as a referral point to people in the far-flung areas. He further stressed the need to fully convince the beneficiaries before referring them to hospitals in town areas for sterilization so as to not waste their time and money travelling to Dimapur, only to change their mind at the last minute.
Dr Antoly Suu, Deptuy CMO Dimapur requested the health workers to spread the message of family planning, to identify and provide counseling to eligible couples and to refer beneficiaries to the nearest health units to avail free family planning method.
Kohima: Under the slogan “Start a meaningful tomorrow with family planning”, the World Population Day was observed at Kohima CMO’s conference hall on Wednesday. The programme was chaired by Deputy CMO, Dr. Avile Zao with technical session presentation on “World Population Day & Population Stabilization Fortnight” from July 11 to 24. The fortnight will be called Family Health Mela.
Advocacy and awareness campaigns would be carried out in all the blocks and villages under Kohima district which will include exhibition of family planning methods – use of contraceptives and other spacing methods, need for delay in marriage and first child birth, counseling of clients on the basket of choices & motivation of eligible couples for availing family planning services such as IUCD & PPIUCD Insertions, condoms, tubectomy & vasectomy including awareness on HIV/AIDS. During the on-going advocacy, following messages should reach the people as part of awareness generation: delaying age at marriage, healthy spacing at birth, post partum family planning, male participation in family planning, post abortion family planning.
IEC activities of interpersonal communication – focus group discussion will be carried out in selected health units to observe population fortnight as basket of family planning services including distribution of pamphlets, leaflets and putting up of banners and posters at prominent places in line with new family planning media campaign.
CMO, Dr. Ritu Thurr, in his closing remarks stressed on the importance of observing World Population Stabilization Fortnight by mobilizing and carrying out intensive awareness as to reach maximal target. He
Longleng: Longleng district observed World Population Day with ADC Longleng, Temsuwati as the special guest on Wednesday in the DC’s office complex on the theme “Start a meaningful tomorrow with family planning”.
Addressing the gathering, the ADC emphasized on the importance of quality education which he said is an important tool to create awareness on family planning and quality of life in the present generation. Only a literate person will understand the importance of birth control, unwanted pregnancy and sex education from the print media, he said.
He also spoke on free and open communication between parents and children on sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancy at young age and other sexually transmitted diseases. He appealed to the youths to be well aware about the present trends of the society and act accordingly.
In his keynote address, DPO RCH/UIP Longleng, Dr. S. Imnameren asserted that family planning is not just a part of curbing ‘growing population’ but also has a positive impact at individual level. The day is also observed to spread knowledge about other important issues including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. Stressing on the increasing maternal death day by day at alarming pace, he said that unplanned child-bearing severely affects the child and both the parents as we get to know from different sources. He also informed on reduce infant mortality risk, prevention of sexually transmitted disease, reduce risk of producing disabled child and prevention of adolescent pregnancy.
Short speeches were delivered by CMO Longleng, Dr. O. Kongan Phom and executive secretary PBCA, Longleng, Tialemba.
The highlights of the program included short play by Adolescent Club, marathon race and prize distribution to the winners of the marathon race. The winners of the marathon race for both male & female according to merit were Bushang, Henchem and Chingmei, and under female category Yemkup, Nangnyu and Khamnyu.
Wokha: World Population Day & Population Stabilization fortnight was observed at Wokha on Wednesday in the Deputy Commissioner’s conference hall, Wokha with DC Wokha, Dr Manazir Jeelani Samoon, IAS as the chief guest.
Addressing the participants, the DC said the problem of population varies from place to place in different parts of the world. In India, the rate of population growth is high but in certain countries the growth is declining and this problem has to be tackled, he said. He said if our population is not healthy then it is our own burden as we have to create a lot of resources to make them healthy and educated. However, if it is educated and healthy then it becomes an asset of our country.
Deputy CMO, Dr. Zuben Kikon while delivering the key note address stressed on the various problems created due to rapid growth of population and the importance of proper counseling and awareness to eligible couples for population control.
The programme was chaired by DPO (RCH/UIP), Dr. Khelito Zhimomi while vote of thanks was delivered by DVBO (VBDCP), Dr. Zathung.
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