World Health Mental day celebrated in Kohima


Kohima, October 10: With the theme ‘Mental health promotion & suicide prevention”, the World Mental Health Day jointly organised by the District Mental Health Programme Kohima and State Mental Health Institute was held at State Mental Health Institute today.
Some art works and sketches were displayed which reads “don’t tie that know”, “working together to prevent suicide”, “there is hope even when your brain tells you there isn’t” etc.
Giving the global statistics of suicide rate by World Health Organisation, it was informed that eight lakh people die each year due to suicide, which is estimated that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.
Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao, Additional Director, directorate of Health & Family Welfare speaking at the programme, explained how the mental condition can affect the entire human system, and pointed out the importance of creating awareness and sensitization programmes among the citizens.
World Health Mental day, he stated is a programme launched by WHO with the objectives aimed to push the different governments across the globe to sensitize the different departments in their own respective countries and states to bring about a better mental condition of its citizens.
Dr. Khimiao asserted that the Nagaland government should prioritize and give due consideration for the mental well being of the state, besides others health issues and problems in the state.
He also expressed hope that with the district mental health programme in place in Kohima, Dimapur, Phek, Mokokchung and Longleng, more people would be sensitize on this issue for a healthier and vibrant life of the citizens.
Speaking on the theme, Dr. Viketoulie Pienyü, SMO, SMHIK said, the day is observed to create awareness about mental health issues, improve the quality of mental health and also break the stigmas associated with mental health.
He viewed that people commit suicide due to “life stress” like poverty, unemployment, lack of family support, high level of competition, rejection in relationship, financial misfortune, loneliness, academic and parental pressure etc.
While life stress cannot be avoided altogether, Dr. Pienyü said it is important to understand how to prevent stress and maintain a health mental wellbeing by maintaining healthy body, exercise regularly, learn to balance between daily work and rest, develop health social circle, pursue activities that brings satisfaction and fulfillment, develop health spiritual life etc.
Early detection of abnormal behavior, Dr. Pienyü is crucial to prevent depression and suicide by the parents, psychiatrist and counselors. He advised that they should show sensitivity and understanding the stress, listening, encouraging, give hope and pay attention to them.
As the suicide is increasing globally, he also advised the media against sensationalizing suicide related reports and dissuade giving much coverage and describing it as a way of escape.
Stating that a healthy body contributes to greater emotional well being and greater positivity, he said the things we do and the choice we make everyday affects the way we feel emotionally and mentally.
Observing that with the advancement of the world, people are getting more stressful and depressed, Dr. Pienyü also advised on the need to enjoy everyday live by learning and discovering new things, manage stress levels by spending time in the midst of nature, engaging in creative hobbies and also spend quality time with friends and family members.
(Page News Service)