Saturday, July 31, 2021

World Cup is coming to India, says Sachin Tendulkar

MUMBAI, May 3: While the critics are rating England and Australia as the favourites, batting legend Sachin Tendulkar is upbeat about India winning the World Cup in England this summer.
“It (the World Cup) will be coming to India,” Tendulkar told the media here during a summer camp at the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy on Thursday.
On the day, Tendulkar also inaugurated the pavilion at the MIG Club, which is now named after him.
The retired great expects wickets for the tournament, set to begin from May 30, to be batting beauties. “I am told, it’s going to be a hot summer. If you see the last time when we played the Champions Trophy, the wickets were superb. When the sun is out and it is hot, the wicket gets really flat,” Tendulkar said, adding: “I’m sure they are going to give beautiful tracks to bat on.”
The English conditions normally encourage the seamers a bit more, but Tendulkar felt that the batsmen won’t face much difficulty once the sun is out.
“I personally don’t think there will be much difference in the conditions unless there is a heavy cloud cover. When there is a heavy cloud cover, the ball might move around a bit but that happens in any part of the world for some time. I don’t see it happening for a longer duration. Just for a few overs if at all. But if the sun is out, I don’t see too much lateral movement,” Tendulkar said.
Ahead of the tournament, captain Virat Kohli, opener KL Rahul and all-rounder Hardik Pandya have struck form in the ongoing Indian Premier League and while the World Cup is a 50-over event, Tendulkar felt the players will adjust well.
“When you perform well in any format it gives you confidence. The players have time to make some adjustments according to the conditions. All of them have played enough cricket to know what to do to improve,” he added. (TNN)