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Workshop on Mental Healthcare awareness held

mental awareness

Dimapur, February 26: A one day workshop on Mental Healthcare Act 2017 was held at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on February 26 for mental health awareness organised by Dimapur District Legal Service Authority, Prodigals’ Home and Women Helpline 181, Nagaland.

Ashe Kiba, Assistant Program Coordinator from Disability Commissioner Office read out the message of the State Commissioner.
She mentioned that the importance of mental healthcare and to reduce stigma related to mental health.
She said that it is a much needed workshop as there is very little recognition and awareness of mental illness, mental health and disability disorders in our society.
Director of Prodigal’s Home, K Ela talked about Community Mental Health and highlighted the objectives and goals towards mental healthcare.
She said their goal is to create accessibility of mental health service at block level, change the behaviour of the community to seek treatment for mental health problems, to prevent homelessness and to live a life with dignity in the family as well as in the community for the people suffering from mental illness.
Stating that Nagaland is the first state in the Northeast to launch Women Helpline 181, she said there are challenges like lack of awareness, need for an attendant by the hospital, no shelter homes, repatriation of mentally ill women and no proper facilities or services for Long Term Rehabilitation for mentally challenged persons. She said the way forward is to overcome these challenges is by uplifting the quality of mental health services, encouraging systematic efforts, and direct efforts specific to primary prevention as mental service has a crucial role to play in dealing with mental disorders and illness.
Judicial Magistrate, First Class Boduve Peter Resu talked about Mental Healthcare Act 2017. In his speech he mentioned the features and role of the Legal Service of mental health.
He said that the duties of a nominated representative include considering the current and past wishes, the life history, values, cultural background and the best interest of the person with mental illness.
He mentioned the role of central mental health authority and composition of state authority.

Panel Lawyer, DDLSA Khumchuba talked about the Police, NGOs and Healthcare officials. He said that the police can put restrictions on offenders towards mental health care violators. They can be charged with fines and jail sentences according to their offence. He also said that NGOs focus on treatment and rehabilitation, community based activities, creating awareness and training for the mentally ill persons. He also mentioned that nurses and doctors too can be charged with offence if their acts come as a threat to the people suffering from mental illness and mental disorders.
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