Workshop on M-R campaign held at Longleng


Dimapur, September 18: Workshop on Measles & Rubella campaign was held with teachers and parents association at St. Joseph Secondary School, Longleng on September 15. The purpose of the seminar was to give wide awareness to the students through the teachers and parents on MR vaccination before the kickoff on October 3 throughout the state of Nagaland.
Speaking on awareness on MR vaccination and its safety, Dr. S. Imnameren Phom DIO & DPO (RCH & UIP), Longleng asserted that lack of health awareness and preventative measures leads to serious illness and finally causes death. He said prevention is better than cure because there are certain diseases like Measles & Rubella where medicines are not available for treatment but can be prevented through vaccination. Therefore, MR vaccines are provided by the Government to prevent such diseases from spreading and to eradicate before 2020.
Exhorting the teachers and parents, he said education is not confined to classroom learning alone but awareness on health, sanitation and other activities must be taught to children and pointed out that contribution of parents and teachers are required for safety of our children and to eradicate MR from the society.
Responding to queries raised by the parents and teachers, Dr. Meren clarified that MR vaccine is the only protection for Measles & Rubella diseases. There is no specific cure and treatment for both measles and Rubella but the diseases can be prevented only through vaccination.
He further clarified that MR vaccine is well monitored, very safe and was recommended by the WHO and UNICEF for worldwide.
He informed that like any other vaccination there may be anxiety, worry, nervousness and temperature in some children but these are normal and it happens due to lack of proper awareness and need not panic. In case of any reaction after vaccines, he said medical professionals will be ready and equipped with all required medication during the vaccination day. A vaccinated child will be kept for 30 minutes under observation to ensure its safety. Children who have vaccinated measles vaccine earlier can also be vaccinated again as a supplementary dose to provide additional protection to children, he added.
Dr. Meren further clarified that no death has so far being reported because of MR vaccination and appealed to the gathering not to believe in rumors spreading in whatsApp and social media.
Earlier, invocation was proposed by Sr. Maria RD, Headmistress followed by welcome address & introduction by Rev. Fr. Charles Phom, Headmaster.
Later the MR Vaccination Campaign team led by Dr. Imnameren held the same program at Christian High School, Longleng with the teachers and parents. MR Vaccination awareness campaign team have covered every village, block, ward, church, school and colony under Longleng district before the launch program on October 3. (Page News Service)