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Work to achieve Naga political solution: TUN appeals Naga national workers & CS leaders


KOHIMA, JUNE 22: The Tenyimi Union Nagaland (TUN) today appealed to all Naga National workers and civil society leaders to work harder and move forward to achieve the desired goal of honourable and acceptable Naga political solution.
The TUN, comprised of 5 Tenyimi tribes of Nagaland ~ Angami, Chakhesang, Pochury, Rengma and Zeliang ~ made the appeal as part of their 7-point resolution adopted during the observation of its first Foundation Day at Kohima Village, VDB Hall, Ziekezou, here on the theme “Peace through unity”.
“The TUN appeals to all Naga National workers and civil society leaders to work harder and abide by the true spirit of Christian principle to forgive and forget if there is any human errors and differences that might have occurred in the past but to come together and move forward to achieve the desired goal of honourable and acceptable Naga solution”, it resolved.
The TUN appealed to all Tenyimi religious and political leaders and officers to maintain and uphold the Tenyimi inherent good traditional values of equitable justice and humble themselves in their respective field of works and activities.
ENPO issues: The TUN expressed concern to the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) over their struggle for developments and up-gradation of the living conditions in its areas.
However, TUN sincerely appealed to the ENPO not to dislodge the hard-earned unification of Nagas and declaration of Nagaland from excluded Area (Free Nagas) by the pioneers in the year 1955.
ULB election: The TUN appealed to all persons in the authority to conduct ULB elections in a free and fair manner under peaceful environments. The TUN also urged the electorate to exercise their franchise consciously so as to elect the right candidate to represent their respective wards.
Free Movement Regime (FMR): The TUN also resolved to stand in solidarity and support the resolution adopted in Nagaland Legislative Assembly on March 1, 2024 to reconsider the decision of border fencing between Myanmar and India by the Government of India, which if implemented will divide the Naga brothers and sisters in the region and adversely affect their free movement for their daily economic activities as well as social life obligations.
TUN also declared opposition to the proposed cultivation of palm oil along the border areas of Nagaland as it will destroy all the virgin forest and strip-off the future economy of the state.
TUN conveyed big congratulations to the new Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland, S Supongmeren Jamir for being elected to represent the Naga people to the world’s largest democratic Parliament. TUN also wished him all the best in his future endeavours.
The TUN expressed gratitude and thankfulness to Kohima Village Council for hosting the first Foundation Day in a befitting manner. It also acknowledged the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) for hosting the first Tenyimi Christian Leaders Meet at Pfutsero on March 26 under the initiative of TUN.
Addressing as the main speaker of the occasion, Angami Public Organization (APO) president Razouvotuo Chatsu expounded on the formation of TUN saying that it was necessitated to take up the domestic problems of the Tenyimi tribes in the State and also on specific issues with the State Government.
The 5 Tenyimi tribes came together to work for the general welfare, he said.
Maintaining that Naga society is facing a huge leadership crisis, he said Naga forefathers were truthfully, hardworking and respectful towards each other but today the society has too many leaders which is causing a crisis within the Naga society.
He therefore stressed on the need to mould and build up God-fearing leaders while also challenging the leaders to ponder if they are sincere and truthful to lead the society.
Calling the Tenyimi people to work towards regaining the past glory of Tenyimi forefathers, he reminded the leaders to re-examine and re-dedicate to regain the past glory the forefathers had.
Chatsu hoped that TUN would work cohesively towards the common good of the 5 tribes.
TUN President Kehhwengulo Lea, delivering the presidential address, informed that the Union was installed on June 23, 2023, but since the day falls on Sunday, the observation was preponed by a day.
He said the TUN was formed to protect the rights and interests of the Tenyimi; to foster unity, brotherhood and understanding among the Tenyimi brothers and sisters; to preserve, promote, and research the Tenyimi culture and heritage and also to maintain and promote peace and tranquility with all people.
“Our coming together is not against anybody but to make one of the strong pillars for Naga unity and peace”, he said.
Appealing to Tenyimi brothers and sisters to forgive their past differences and any hurt feelings toward each other, Lea said “let us forgive and have a strong united family”.
He also appealed to the Tenyimi family to uphold the inherent traditional values of equitable justice, humble ourselves in our respective fields of work, and work for Naga unity and peace.
Tenyimi Peoples’ Organisation president Timikha Koza and Tenyimi Women Union Nagaland president Zhonelü Tunyi also delivered short speeches on the occasion.
Chaired by TUN treasurer Mishento Apon, the observation commenced with prayer by Liangmai Baptist Church, Kohima, Dezon Achakbo Newmai while Kohima Village Council chairman Helievi-o Solo delivered the welcome address and TUN vice president Peteroko Zetsuvi tendered the vote of thanks.
Rüsokhrie Krotho enthralled the gathering with Tatei pfe.
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