Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Won all districts but lost ‘battle of Mon’: Chishi


Dimapur, May 25: Veteran politician, who unsuccessfully contested the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, K L Chishi today said he just lost the “battle of Mon”.
Interacting with media persons after his defeat, INC candidate on Saturday said he is grateful at how things turned out and he doesn’t see the defeat as a war lost but a battle.
“I have just lost the battle of Mon,” he said at his residence at Chekiye Village and expressed that it was perhaps the first time in the history of Nagaland that a party that doesn’t even have an MLA at the Legislative Assembly received such a large support from all sections of the society and lost by just 16,000 votes while competing against ruling parties that have all the money, power, influence, and muscles.
Comparing himself with David trying to fight Goliath, he said INC was in disarray in the State organizationally when he was asked by the party high command to fight the election, which he obeyed, and though he couldn’t kill the Goliath, he has injured it enough and sooner or later it is going to get hospitalized.
Expressing gratitude to all the people who voted for him, he said that the election was fought on issues and the party and its allies were able to raise the conscience of many and make them understand.
Chishi even claimed that he would not have come so close in defeating the mighty opponent if not for party workers of NDPP and BJP voting against the PDA consensus candidate and voting for the INC because of their conscience.
He expressed gratitude to Rahul Gandhi for his rally in Dimapur as well as the churches for the support.
Chishi said that he doesn’t bother about the defeat, but what worries him as a public leader is that should anything happen now that adversely affect the Nagas, it is too late, adding the defeat for him is “a torture that doesn’t amount to any injury.”
He said he had won all the districts but it was the “battle of Mon” that defined the result, but that doesn’t mean that the war is lost, and though he won’t be sitting in Parliament to represent the Nagas, he would continue to fight for the Nagas till the cause of the Nagas is realized which is self-determination.
Answering a query what lies ahead in his political career, he said it depends on the will of God and health, but his time for trial and error is over now and he would die as a Congressman.
Recollecting on the issues he fought the election, Chishi said he fought with the agendas to bring a pragmatic solution to the long standing Indo-Naga political issue, stop the passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill which threatens the very traditional, cultural, customary, and social aspects of the Nagas, opposing the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, and to oppose the removal of the word ‘secular’ from the preamble which cements the ‘unity in diversity’ in the country. On the other hand, he said the PDA fought with no issues.
“We had a good fight,” he said appearing rather content with the result despite the defeat.
Chishi said it was an interesting election and in his 43 years of experience, he never saw such enthusiasm among people relating the Lok Sabha elections and he felt thoroughly loved and honoured. (Page News Service)