Monday, April 12, 2021

Woman electrocuted

Dimapur, August 19: In an unexpected incident an aged lady who wished not to be named was electrocuted on August 15 last nearby a transformer which was installed somewhere opposite SKV Enterprise and a sign board “Site for City Church” placed in an electric post just close by a pedestrian footpath.
According to a press note issued by Cipakhuyi Rhakho, who was an eyewitness of the incident, a lady who was on her way to PHQ side from town area happened to pluck some plants, but was caught & electrocuted by power suspected to be from the mini transformer located nearby pedestrian footpath, which was not fenced upon.
The incident was witnessed by the police patrolling party at the initial time but none came up for rescue, Rhakho stated and added that a man who happened to cross the vicinity rescued her and alarmed the nearby residents & passer-by and later took her to NHAK.
The victim is in the ICU of NHAK till date stating that her condition was still critical.
Rhakho urged the concerned department to be more serious and more aware of the such unchecked installation of appliances and equipments which endangers the innocent lives of the general public.
No FIR or any complaint was lodged by the victim family but they urged the police and the concerned department to carry out a thorough investigation in order to avoid such unexpected danger occurrences in the near future. (Page News Service)